Sunday, February 19, 2017

Closing down

Hey gorgeous peeps,

I have decided to close this blog down.  I am now over on wordpress at A Slice of Life. I'm hoping to bring all of your blogs over with me.  But since I'm not 100% computer savy things could go wrong.  I'm hoping that I can use my phone to do more posts.  Since blogger and I have been fighting over me trying to do it here.  I've found over the last two years I have been using my phone for more and more things other than a way to phone/text someone.  It's amazing how technology changes the way you use things.  I'm also finding that I want to use my blog differently.  Since I am heavily involved in volunteering at my girls school, looking for work and doing the occasional crafty project.

So gorgeous peeps, I hope to see you over at the new site.