Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year :D!!!

Hi everyone,

How are you all going? I hope the "Silly Season" wasn't too traumatic for you all. So far so good here ;). To be honest once Christmas day has finished that's it for us. Doug usually works every New Year's Eve & this year is no exception, except that he thinks he should be home early (maybe before midnight even) as they don't have a lot of bread being sent up from Brisbane.

I want to wish you all a very Happy & Safe New Year. Are you going to have New Year Resolutions this year? I don't normally do any as I tend to be unrealistic in what I think I can do. So this year I am trying to keeping it simple.

My goals for this year are:
  1. Get organised - with my Birthday cards for family & friends!
  2. Keep on using up all my scraps! Every time I turn around there seem to more & more of them.
  3. Do more sewing - I miss it & I really want to make Lilly at least one quilt from me.
  4. Go to some classes at two of my LSS.
  5. Slow down & breathe - sounds stupid I know. I tend to rush every thing & get worked up, when I really shouldn't.
  6. Enter at least one competition a month & make one Christmas card a month.
  7. Start walking at least once a week.
  8. Blog at least once a week, make comments on the Hero Arts flickr group, as well as on all your lovely blogs.
  9. Do at least one blog candy give away this year.
  10. Lastly clean up our downstairs area & make it baby friendly as Lilly is getting to the stage where she's on the move. I'm thinking of investing in a play pen to keep her safe.
I just had to rescue Smudge the cat from Lilly - Lil'bug had poor Smudge's tail in her mouth! Yup the play pen sounds like a great idea. Silly cat wont go where Lilly can't get to her, I think Smudge secretly likes the attention. Lilly is finally mastering the art of crawling & the Sunday before Christmas grew two teeth (on the bottom). So now she's into mischief but that's ok with me.

Em is spending tonight at Papa & Mama's place. I think that is wonderful for her to spend some time away from her sister & get some attention all to herself. I know it certainly gives me a rest (the house is so quiet without her).

Well I've bored you all enough for one post so till the next one - TTFN & Happy New Year!!!


Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas & a Happy & Safe New Year

Hi all,

Just thought I'd pop in & wish you all a very Merry Christmas & a Happy & Safe New Year. I hope that "Santa" brings you all that you wish for. Plus a few quiet moments as well - I soooooooo need some of them ;).

I haven't even had a chance to make any Christmas cards this year so to those that have given me cards I apologise for not being organised (or well enough) earlier this year to make them. I am hoping to be able to get some done after the rush of Christmas & New Year.
Huge Hugs to you
Paula, Em & Lilly"bug"