Friday, October 28, 2011

Bunny card - CPS challenge


I know two posts in the one day.  I nearly forgot that some challenges change on the weekend so had better post this card now, so I can enter.  I had so much fun making this card.  I started by colouring the image in first.  Not a good move (when will I learn to see if I have matching papers first?) but I got my act together in the end.  I have been trying to get my shading right with my copics.  I watched a video earlier this week & something must have stuck, as I really like the way the bunny turned out.  I am going to get Emsy to give this card to my sister.  I do hope Jules likes purple, just like Emsy does ;).

Happy crafting everyone xoxoxoxoxoxo

Bear, Penguin & Reindeer in Blue

Hi Lovelies,

Can you believe it I'm making cards again :-D.  This card came out exactly how I imagined it would.  Not only that, but I have made another two cards since this one.  The only good thing about Mr Mojo dissapearing is that when he comes back, all is right in the world & things just seem to flow & turn out perfectly. 

This card is for two challenges Try Stamping on a Tuesday & Jingle Belles.  I actually wanted to use this fabric on Jingle Belles last challenge, but ran out of time.  As soon as I saw the sketch for this weeks TSOT challenge I immediately thougth of doing a Christmas card (not sure why).  This is a very large card it measures 6.5" x 6.5".  I've used Bazzil Dot & normal Bazzil for the base of the card.  The animals are from some fabric that I got at my LSS.  I fussy cut the three animals out, glued them to a small circle of card then added foam adhesive to raise them up.  I then used my nesties to cut out the tag & used foam adhesive on the two layers.  I stamped Merry Christmas in light blue versa cube ink (you can't see it very well sorry) with a Darkroom Door stamp. 

My poor camera is dead  :(.   Which means I am back to scanning my cards into the computer, hence the not so good image.  Even this is problematic at the moment (grrrr), because someone accidently turned the scanner off, the computer is not recognising there is a connection.  Luckily it tells me it is still connected when I go through Piccassa, bloody dopey computer!!!

Well have a great weekend everyone, I hope you enjoy yourselves & happy crafting xoxoxoxo

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A few Holiday pics

 Hi everyone,

Here are just a few photos from our trip to W.A.  The top one is of all of us waiting to catch the plane to Perth.

 Em as a Cheetah at the Perth Zoo.
 Emsy fishing off the the jetty at Denham, with some help from uncle Tim.
 The famous Monkey Mia dolphins.
 Emsy, Lantie & Zac got to feed the dolphins a single fish.  Emsy wasn't happy as she wanted to feed the dolphin by herself. 
We went on a Quad bike tour which took about two hours to do. It was so much fun. From closest: Doug, Zac, Aunty Ange, Emsy, me, Lantie & Uncle Tim. Emsy was with me on my bike for most of the tour. But I think the third crash I had was enough for her so she went on her dad's bike after that. I got the nickname "Crash Test Mummy" fromthat expereince. Good thing I'm better at driving cars ;P.

Shark feeding at Ocean Park just outside of Denham.  I think this is a Lemon shark (one of the harmless ones).

 My poor hubby got so burnt he went bright red.  The perils of being a nightshift worker I guess.  Everyone started calling him "Lobster boy" after this. ;P
 This is a Sea snake that swam to shore whilst we where at one of the many beaches around Denham.  We think he was not well, as he kept twisting & standing up.  It's really rare to see these guys on the beach.  We kept our distance though as they are extremely poisonous.
Here is me with my big fish.  It's called a Knobby (snapper I think).  I never go fishing but couldn't pass up an opportunity to do something different.  Doug & I had a friendly rivalry going as we had to share a rod.  I got the bigger fish between the two of us, but we had loads of fun.  I think my niece Lantie actually caught the biggest fish on the day (her dad had to reel it in for her). 

Well I've probably bored you all enough for one day & I have to go get ready.  We are going out for lunch today with my Dad for my sister's b'day (in November).

Happy crafting everyone xoxoxoxoxoxo 

Monday, October 24, 2011

A card at last ;)

Hi Lovelies,

Finally after such a long time I've done it - made a card.  Phew this feels good!  As soon as I saw this sketch from Try Stampin' on Tuesday latest challenge, I knew what I wanted to do.
I have flipped my sketch so it sits horizontally, but other than that have kept it pretty well the same.  I was inspired to use a Bugaboo Digi image (one of my most favourite sites).  The papers are from My Minds Eye's Stella & Rose, thank you so much Alice.  I love them to bits. 

Well as usual chaos is running rampent upstairs so have to go. 

Hugs to you all & happy crafting xoxoxoxoxoxo 

Sunday, October 23, 2011

A random post (I guess)

Hi Lovelies,

Well things seem to be settling down a bit around here (yay!).  My sister Julie from W.A. is staying with us at the moment.  Jules flew over for a school reunion & to catch up with her old flatmate Beverley.  Who came up from Brisbane yesterday & stayed the night with us all.  Which was great for Julie, they spent most of yesterday out & about.  Today Jules & Beverley went to Sea World on the Gold Coast.  Which is about two hours south of here.  They seem to be having a great time of it.  To me it's really strange we went to Sharks Bay to see dolphins, sharks & other amazing sea life & my sis flies over here to do nearly exactly the same.  Life is certainly strange some times ;P.     

Our camera is all worn out & isn't playing nice at the moment :(.  It was working fine up until I took the memory card out to print all the photos at Big W.  Since then it's been tempremental, so I'm hoping that after the battery is charged I can at least get some photos uploaded from the memory stick.  If not I might have to borrow a friends/family computer to upload them so I can share some with you all.  Our memory card slots are the decorative kind on our computer.  They look good but don't do anything...........just a lot frustrating.  I promise not to bore you with all 490 odd photos.  I am now thinking this is why our camera decided to go on strike, it's tired & needs a holiday - from us *tee hee*.

Well Lils just got banished upstairs with her sister so I could finish this post really quickly.  So I have to go now.  I'm hoping that I get some time to post a card I've done for a challenge a little later (like when they've gone to sleep). 

Happy crafting everyone xoxoxoxoxoxo     

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bye, bye holiday

Hi Lovelies,

Well my WA holiday offically ended today/tonight.  We got home just after 6pm (thanks for the lift Dad) & the girls are sound asleep upstairs in their own beds.  I am hoping they have a good night's sleep as tomorrow will be busy, busy around here.  I have to pick up my sister (from WA) in the morning, do the grocery shopping (or we will all starve) & finish the mountain of washing that I have just started (sigh).

As for our holiday I will hopefully do a post on it in the next few days.  But just to let you all know it was FANTASTIC!!!!  We all had a wonderful time, with family & seeing some of Western Australia's fantastic sights.  Sharks Bay is on our go to again list. 

Well I can hear footsteps upstairs so have to go rouse on Emsy :/
Hugs to you all xoxoxoxoxoxoxo