Thursday, September 22, 2011

Um...........remember me?

Hi Lovelies,

I thought I would quickly pop in to say Hello & that I miss you all terribly.  I occassionally get a chance to pop by & see what you are all up to.  Just not enough to write anything - Lilly is a mover & shaker, which means the play pen is good for about ten minutes before she wants out in a big way. 

I'm slowly getting my act together for our "big" trip.  It's been a few years (three to be exact) since we've had a family holiday together & one that was more than a few hours from home.  One week this coming Sunday we will be flying to the other side of Australia - a lovely six hour flight with a baby & a five year old.  I feel for the other passengers I really do.  On top of this Lill's & I have "sinus" issues at the moment so antibiotics have been prescribed by our GP.  I so hope (& pray) that they clear the both of us up before the flight.  Especially for Lilly, as she is also cutting molars at the moment.  I'm planning on having a few bottles of yummy milk for her during take off/landing.  Hopefully that will help with her ears.

I've also started doing some sewing again thanks to my Printerest page thingy.  I've made a portable highchair (wonderful idea) & an art tote.  I must admit that I did add a few changes to the highchair.  The art tote I made from scratch using an internet picture as a guide.  I customised it for Emsy, by adding a pocket for six Rascal books, another pocket for her Gameboy & twelve crayon slots as well as a large pocket for colouring in books.  I have yet to make her a felt playmat for some small animals/dinosaurs.  I'm hoping that these will be enough to keep her happy for the two & a half weeks we are away.  I am pretty sure that between the cousins, zoo & Monkey Mia that Emsy will have a great time.  

Well I'm off to try to make something for my RAK partner :-/ let's hope the mojo is wanting a work out.  Doug has taken the girls out for the arvo, so this will probably be my last chance.  Wish me luck.

Happy crafting everyone xoxoxoxoxoxoxo