Tuesday, June 30, 2009

CardPattern Challenge

Penny Black b'day
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Hi all,

Well I have decided that I need to do a few more challenges just to keep me on my toes :). I also want to be able to use some of my non Hero Arts stamps as well. I always feel guilty if I use a non HA stamp on their challenges. So this is a way for me to enjoy my "other" stamps guilt free! This card is for the latest CardPatterns sketch challenge. I used my BG leftovers to make this card. I also stamped the kitty twice once on the background & then again on white cardstock. I used my Prismacolor Pencils to colour the image in before cutting out the balloons & cat seperately. So I could raise them up on pop dots. The balloons are hanging over the edge of the frame as I thought it would be more interesting. Happy Stamping every one :) TTFN

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Honest Scrapper

Hi all :)

Well I got this from the one of my wonderful Hero Arts flickr friends Arlene. When you receive this "honest Scrap", you are to write 10 things about yourself! So here are 10 things about me, in no particular order.

1. I have two cats, Tom has three legs & is blind in one eye & both are "recycled" cats meaning they come from the pound or are strays.
2. I have been to 8 different schools growing up that included one high school where I left at 16 & then did a course at TAFE for a year.
3. Where I currently live is the longest I have lived in one place in my entire life, nearly 8 years now.
4. I have said all my life that I wasn't having children & now I can't imagine life without my daughter :) At the moment I am trying to talk my dh into another child.
5. I knew I was pregant with my dd when I came home from my stepfather's funeral. I dreamt it...
6. I am the eldest of 6 childern 2 girls & 4 boys. Three boys are from my mother's second marriage.
7. I have had 5 paying jobs in my life so far, I worked for Woolworths (supermarket) for nearly 20 years. Whilst I worked there I also worked in a Cafe, picking Hydroponic Lettuces & another supermarket (but not at the same time). I also worked for Lifeline as a Manager of one of their "Op" shops, which I loved doing. Now I'm a SAHM & am loving that more.
8. I suffered Post Natal Depression after the birth of my Daughter, but I was luckily diagnosed early so had a lot of support from my family, friends & the medical world.
9. I believe that things always happen for a reason. We may not know what that is then & there, but there is always a reason.
10. I love the Star Wars movies & books, Harry Potter movies & books, Firefly (tv series)& the Serenity movie.

Well that was harder than I thought. Now for the fun part. I am going to pass this onto the following: Dawn, Lucy, Luara, & Hannah. But if anyone else out there would like to do this feel free :) TTFN

Friday, June 26, 2009

Hi all,

Well as you can see I have been busy. Not only have I managed to "tizzy" up my little blog, but I have been busy creating cards :). I discovered this great site for "tizzing up" your blog from Anne's blog. She has a little banner that says please leave a comment so I thought I'd get one too (I am a comment junkie - love giving them & recieving them). Instead I did everything but *grin* isn't that always the way. I hope you all like the new look, I know I do.

Over at Hero Arts blog this week there is a colour challenge going on. So far I have managed to do three out of the four colour combinations. All I have left to do is the red/green combo. I have done an ok black/white card, but I am really pleased with the yellow/purple card & the blue orange card. I loosely based the blue/orange card on this wonderful card made by the lovely Sam. If you get a chance you should check out her cards. They are very beautiful.

Also you are probably wondering why I have pictures of my nesties on this thread. Well it's because I want to share an idea that came to me at Cuttlebug class last Tuesday. Sometimes in life you have those moments when you go "DUH - how dumb am I?" Well that was me on Tuesday. I have been storing my nesties in CD cases for a while now but they always slip & slide in there. I realised that I had magnetic tape at home & could put that in the case & then I wouldn't have to worry about the nestibles getting bent or worse lost! So I thought I'd share with all of you :). Well it's getting late & my dd will no doubt be up early in the morning - honestly two year olds should discover the joys of staying in beds on cold mornings *wink*. TTFN

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Two Cards Two Challenges

Hi all,

As you can see I have been busy. I seem to have gotten my creative side going again. The male birthday card is for my dh from me. I also decided to make this card for the CPS Sketch challenge this week. I really enjoy doing these sketches as they are a great starting point for when you are a little creatively challenged :).
Materials for the male card
F4849 Many Birds
CL181 Messages
Scrap papers
Kaiser Pearls
Embossing powder.

The other card is for a friends' daughter using an image from one of my new clear set Penny Black stamps. I also made this card for the Caardvarks latest challenge here I stamped the image onto Acetate with black Staz-on ink then coloured with Twinkling
H2O's. I wasn't sure if I could use the H2O's on Acetate but with a lot of perseverance I got there.

Scrap paper
Penny Black 30-012 Bubbly
Staz-on black ink
Twinkling H2O's
Scallop Nestibles
Embossing powder
Crochet flower
I know it is hard to see, but the Hedgehog is on Acetate. I hope to take a better photo of it tomorrow in the sunlight. TTFN & thank you all for taking the time to look & comment on all of my cards, it means a lot :)

A Card for Daddy

Hi all,

Well tomorrow is my dh's birthday. So I thought I should make a card from my dd to him. I decided to use Card Pattern's Latest sketch. I am really pleased with the way this card has turned out. This is a scrappy card, it always amazes me how wonderful cards can look when you use what ever is left over from other projects. I did some (heat) embossing on this card, the sentiment is done in black & the brown background is done in clear. I am really loving the Dots & flowers background stamp S5213 at the moment. It is such a versatile stamp.

Materials List:
Scrap papers,
Card Base in yellow,
S5213 Dots & Flowers Hero Arts,
CL298 Scattered Leaves Hero Arts,
CL335 Happy Dad's Day Hero Arts,
F4849 Many Birds,
Black embossing powder,
Clear embossing powder,

Well I have to go & do Mummy things with my 2 year old & two starvvvvvvvvvvvvvvving cats!!!!!!!! TTFN
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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Eighty eighty Pop-dots!

Hi all,

Well that's right this little sucker uses 88 pop-dots! Do you wanna know where they all are? They are in the "nest", I cut out the base of the card with my scalloped nesties (using my trustie 'bug) then I cut out another scallop but this time using two sizes of my nesties. Which has given me a top. I used four pop-dots on each scallop. Then I cut out a thin (it's very thin) piece of card to go around the outside of the pop-dots then added the yarn to give the nest a little bit more interest. I decided to add the leaves to the nest so that my owl could be comfy (can't have an uncomfy owl you know *wink*). I used Prismacolor Pencils to colour in the owl. I am so pleased with the way this card has turned out. I based this card on my earlier Frog card. I hope you all enjoy & have a great rest of the week :-D

Friday, June 12, 2009

Hero Arts & Die Cuts

Hi all,

As you can see I have been busy creating again :) I am so loving my new stamps & those birds from the Hero Arts Blog this week. So if you haven't been over there yet I would suggest that you do. Not only are those birds cute but you could win some wonderful prizes too.

Can you guess which card took me the longest to make? It was the the first one, strange huh. The reason I got stuck about half way through making it. I just had to walk away for a day then when I came back to it I made it in no time at all. On the other hand the other two cards took about the same time to make. Even with all the hand sewing I did on the heart. I was trying to make a simple card with the red/white/black card. But I think I must have failed due to the comments I got on my flickr page lol. Maybe I should have said that "This is about as simple as I get" or something to that effect :). Well now I am off to make some more cards (yay) so TTFN. Have a great weekend every one :)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Blog Award: I Love Your Blog Dahling!

I have gotten another award from the wonderful Anne, I just love this one. I don't know I think it msut be the way she's sitting or something. So do me a favour & go & check out Anne's blog if you haven't already. Because not only does she make beautiful cards but her photography is simply jaw droppingly wonderful.

Now onto the next part of this award the rules:
1. Post the award on your blog.
2. Pass it along to whomever you want.

So I've decided to pass this onto:
Dawn as I find her blog to be wonderful, just like I think Dawn her self is.

Deborah as not only do I always feel so much better after visiting her blog, but I am always finding out something new.

Hannah as I think Hannah is a wonderful person.

Lucy who has become a good friend & I am so inspired by her cards.

So thank you again Anne & please have a look at these wonderful women's blogs - I hope that you find them as great as I do. TTFN
Hi all

Well my life is slowly getting back to normal. My dh's eye seems to be healing up well. He has also gotten to the stage that now he can put his own eye drops & cream in his eye. Although he hasn't got the ok to drive a car yet, he has gone back to work. I take him to work & his dad picks him up. At the moment he has tonight off & goes back to work tomorrow night. He has a check up in the morning so we are both hoping that he can get the ok to drive. Then life will definately be back to normal.

We just had a long weekend here in Queensland for the Queen's Birthday. So my dear friend Helen & I went to the Scrapbook & Papercraft Convention. It was my first time at this show & I have to say I loved every minute of it. It was without a doubt a scrappers/cardmakers paradise. Needless to say my budget sort of flew out the window. But like any wise crafter we went around all the stalls first before we brought anything. I must admit that I was getting a little dissapointed by the time we got to the last row of stalls as I hadn't seen any Hero Arts background stamps. But about half way down the very last aisle we came across the motherload!!!!!! It was fantastic, both Helen & I must have had grins from ear to ear, as our eyes feasted on the bins & bins of Hero Arts stamps. Both in clear sets & woodmounted. Best of all they where all the new stamp sets. The other great thing was that the prices where the lowest we had seen. So really it was a win-win situation.

I came away with heaps of goodies, inspiration & ideas. I even took some photots of things that inspired me. So I will have to get them printed & put into my ideas book. I also brought my first ever Penny Black stamps. They are clear set stamps & are so cute. I nearly brought one or two of the larger wood mount stamps but resisted.....just! So last night I made a card with one of the new Penny Black stamps. It was for the June cuttlebug challenge on flickr "Get well".
Thinking of you

Have a great week ahead, thanks for visiting & leaving comments..........TTFN