Friday, March 26, 2010

My Black eyed Bruiser

*Non crafty post*

Hi all,

Well we've had an exciting week in our house. Em has moved into her "Big Girl" room, which isn't finished yet. I still have her curtains on layby & a few other things I want to do to her room. But at least Em is happy, she has been dying to move into her big room for at least a month now. I am so pleased that she loves the new room. As I didn't want her feeling that she was being pushed out of the only room she has known since coming home from the hospital.

As you can see from this picture my beautiful clutz of a daughter has given herself a shinner. After being told at least 20 times not to run in the house she did & then tripped over herself (my dd will trip over a hair given half a chance!) & ran into the window sill. Thankfully she didn't go through the window itself, but she gave herself & us quiet a scare! So now when we go out we have to explain that no we don't beat our child she's just a clutz ;). Her legs are always covered in bruises from various scraps she gets into but this is her first black eye.

I thought I'd share a picture of my dh & Em giving Tom "Bucket Head" a hug. As ususal Tom didn't want any part of it. So it's not the best picture in the world. We are hoping that we can take his "bucket" off soon. He still has one sore that hasn't healed but we suspect that Tom has been able to still lick at it (yes dispite having a bucket on).

Well it's getting late so I'd better be going to bed. Have a great weekend & TTFN xoxoxoxoxo

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Lookie what I got :D

Hi all,

Well I am sooo happy it's sunny outside YAYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There are a few clouds in the sky but they are the big fluffy white kind & are few & far between. The sun is out & today looks like its going to be a nice one. Gotta love that :D.

Look at this gorgoeus card that I got from the very lovely & talented Alice. I just love this card & yes it has pride of place near my cardmaking area so I can gaze on it all the time. Although that wont be for much longer, as my LSS Daisychain is going to borrow this card for a little while to display in the shop. Alice has kindly agreed to letting this happen. So thank you very much Alice :D.

This is my card from the equally lovely & talented Kelly. I was lucky enough to be Kelly's person in Deborah's latest CCC challenge. I am so in awe of Kelly's talent with her copics, I love being able to see all that detail in person. In fact this card by Kelly has inspired me to make a card in a simular style.

This is my version of Kelly's card, can you tell ;)? Looks nothing like it I know. I did try what I hope is simular shading on Mudpie & his "eggs" (which are really jellybeans). I also added my trusty diamond glaze to the eggs just for that something extra. You can also check out my flickrstream here for some more pictures of this card.

Thanks for stopping by - TTFN

Saturday, March 20, 2010

March CCC - Sanne's cards

*Warning another long post*
Hi all,

I thought I would post the cards that I made for Deborah's March CCC challenge. This time around my card recipent was Sanne. Unfortunately for Sanne the mojo was on a go slow :(.

This first card was a layered one. I brought myself a new Cuttlebug embossing folder with butterflys on it. Which I'd tell you the name of except it's with my cuttlebug at Em's preprep along with all my other cuttlebug stuff. I decided that I really wanted to do a 3D effect so the very top layer is raised up with foam dots. I used a lot of embossing powders on this card along with my trusty versamark pen. Have I told you how much I love using that pen ;D. I also had a go at colouring the pearls in with my copics to get the exact shade that I wanted.

This next card I used the circles left over from the first card & stamped then clear embossed them. I used some Diamond Glaze on the girl's eye as well as stickles on her cake. I also attempted some more detailed shading with my Copics. After watching some video tutorials on the 'net. I am slowly getting better.

This last card is my favourite of the three, I think it's because I'm really pleased with the colouring of the girl, plus the simpleness (which I rarely am able to do). Her eye is also Diamond Glazed just to give it that extra sparkle. I love that the copics can be used on coloured bazzil as well. The flower is stamped directly onto the pink c/s then I used several shades of yellow on it. I also put a pearl in the centre.

On family related news ;D everything is going well. We took Em to my last Obst. appointment & she got to see the baby. I'm not sure but I don't think she was all that impressed, I think the toys where more appealing ;D. We still don't know if we are having a boy or a girl, but most of my family/friends have decided that this one is a boy. I don't mind either way. I was asked by a stranger the other day if "I am having twins & was I due any day now?" Does that give you an idication of the size of my "Bug Bump"? I still have about 11 weeks to go ;D.

Tom is currently wearing a "bucket" on his head or as I like to call it "The cone of Silence". He started licking his stomach & managed to "pluck" all his fur out then all the skin off it. So he's had a secret visit to our vet as my dh doesn't believe in taking him to the vet for these sorts of things. It was hard to explain to Em about secrets as she came with Tom & me. I snuck him into the vets on a day that I knew Doug wouldn't be up for ages. Tom has suffered from this skin irratation before & my vet thinks it's due to all this rainy weather we've had.

I can honestly say that since the begining of March we had one day of complete sunshine & no rain. That was yesterday. At the moment we have a cyclone sitting just off the coast further north so that is going to generate more rain for us.

I had better sign off now so I can go & leave you all some love, I miss checking out your wonderful blogs - TTFN

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Canvases & some more aprons

Hi all,

I know I've been slack on posting of late. I'm blaming the weather & every day life ;). We have had rain every day for nearly two weeks now. Only in the last three days has it been showers. The rest of the time its was teeming down. So much so we have had local flooding & all the roads are full of pot holes. Think Swiss cheese style of roads. Even now we are getting showers. I have done about six trips to our local laundromat just to use the dryers. Or we would be a bit stinky about now.

My Dh & I have also started to work on the spare room for Em. It is going to become her "Big Girl" room. She wants to sleep there now, but we still have a bit to do to it before she can move in. We have some beautiful pink gingham curtains on layby at the moment. Her daddy picked them out for Em, I think he wants Em to have a girly room. So once we get our curtains & some furniture Em can move in. Then I can start on Em's old room which will be the nursery again.

I have been busy with some crafty stuff for Em's new room. I got some blank canveses, aqua paint, Modge Podge & Jo Sonja's Opal Dust, together with an old calander featuring Pooh & friends. I made these pictures in about 3 days as they took so long to dry in this rainy/humid weather. I am really pleased with how they turned out (despite the air bubbles). I am thinking of getting some more of the canvases so I can do some more for Bug's room.

I have also been busy making some more aprons for Em's Preprep. I offered to make some after Em showed her teachers her Dora & Boots apron. I must admit I have gone a bit overboard by making four of them. But they are so easy to make (especailly after the first one) I firgured they should get a choice. Plus the unwanted ones will get put towards their school fete in September.

I made these aprons a little differently to the first one. I lengthened the apron as I felt Em's was just a bit to short. Plus then they would be more appropriate for different sized kids. I also made my applique pieces larger, which makes them easier to work with. On this Bob the builder apron I have even added some metal embelishments (hammer & spanner) from my scrapbooking/cardmaking supplies. I don't know how practical they are but couldn't resist adding them.

This is different Dora picture to the last one. Google images is fantastic!!! That is where these pictures came from. I just downloaded the free colouring in pictures, plus a colour picture for colour reference. I was still playing around with the elastic lace, that's why the bottom of the apron is a bit skewiff (techno term ;D).

I also made two "plain" aprons. I thought this material would be great for the kids, plus would hide stains really well. Surprisingly these aprons don't use up a lot of material so I will make a few more for spares. I also decided to use up some more of this wonderful animal print fabric that I got for Em. I think that the kids will love looking at it & finding all sorts of different animals.

Well what a long post!!! I hope I haven't bored you all too much. I will post some cards I made for Deborah's March CCC when Sanne has gotten them. Till I next get a chance to post TTFN