Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Catch up & a New Year's resolution

Hi all,

Well I'm finally organised enough to actually sit & blog ;). Em is at Preprep, DH is napping upstairs, Tom kitty is curled up on a bedspread & my blogging Buddie Smudge is laying on the computer table next to me. Now I have to warn you this is a long post, but there are two pretty pics towards the bottom ;).

Em & I had a wonderful time in Glen Innes. We went with my parents & stayed at my stepmother's mum's ("Great Ma Ma") place. Unfortunately Great Ma Ma is now in a retirement home as she is starting to suffer from the early stages of Dementia. We had a lovely time, visiting family & animals. Em especially had a wonderful time, seeing cows, sheep, puppies, sheepdogs, horses, chickens & geese. I didn't take that many photos, I kept forgetting to get the camera (doh!). Luckily for me my dad is going to email me some pics. I've posted a pic of Em & some puppies in my side bar. We also went to a castle on one of my step Uncle & Aunt's farms. Kings Plains Castle is open to the public. I love going to the castle, I think it's because of the age of the buildings & in spring there are so many different Irises (I love these flowers) growing in the gardens.

Now I'm sure that many of you have noticed the title of my blog & wondered if I really do have a "Fabric Addiction"? Yes, actually I do & this year my one & only resolution is to sew at least once a month. When I got the card making bug about a year or so ago, I stopped sewing. As much as I love to sew, I think I needed a break. Plus my card obsession took over my sewing table to the point my trusty old sewing machine was relagated to the floor.

So since I've gotten home. I have cleaned up my sewing area & tidied up my card making gear (much to dh's relief). I have also been doing some sewing as well :D.
This is the top of a Quilt that I designed for Em. Now before you start wondering if she has a Queen size bed, no she doesn't. I was given a King Single bed from my step mum's unit. I just like to make sure that the quilt covers the bed & sides. Although I think I went a lot overboard on this one ;), as it does fit on top of a Queen bed. I tend to make large quilts for some reason, I can't help it. This top was made before I took a break from sewing.

This is the back of the quilt. I decided to go through my fabric stash & piece a back for the quilt to help keep the costs down. Plus as Em grows she can turn the quilt over to suit her age. My wonderful friend Esther is a quilter & owns a Gamol quilting machine, so I'm going to get her to quilt the whole thing. If I was to do it it would be finished by the time Em got married............maybe!!!

Ok well that's enough from me for one day. I hope to post some pics of three cards I made on hols, later. TTFN


Dawn said...

Paula... I am so impressed... I love quilts but have never made real ones... I'm not sure I'd have the patience. They just take too long to see a finished item for me... Emma is one lucky little girl and I'm sure she will treasure this quilt. Both sides are just as beautiful as each other. I enlarged the pics to get a good view and WOW is all I can say. Glad you had a great break away and the photo of Em and the puppies is a treasure.

Dotty Jo said...

Hi Paula, glad you had a good trip! Love your quilt tops! I used to make alot of quilts and so I know how much work and dedication it takes. I used to sit up late into the night working on different quilts and then go to work the next day! I still have all my fat/long quarters and my hoop. I even have an unfinished quilt that I started when my friend lived in the States with a cute little beaver cutting down trees. It just needs wadding, backing and quilting but I just can't bring myself to do it.
Glad you don't have quilters block! Hugs to you sweet girl, Jo x

Alice Wertz said...

wow! wow!! wow!!! THAT is a gorgeous quilt, Paula!!!!! You are so talented! i love the designs for the quilt and with such beautiful colors!!!!!! I don't quilt, but i know it difficult. I can't even sew straight! LOL!!! I adore your project! thanks for sharing!

Vanessa said...

Wow, amazing quilt, Paula!!! I started one once, but the pieces are still lying in a box - I am not sure if I`ll ever finish it. Although I love the pattern and colors...


Lin said...

Paula, you are a wonder! I am really impressed with your quilt and your daughter will treasure it! Please post again when it's quilted!

Lucy Abrams said...

Paula - you are amazing. The quilts are stunning. And I am so glad you had a good time away. Hope you are well. xxx

Stamping Cafe said...

WOW, Paula! The quilts are stunning, you are so amazingly talented! I will never be able to make one of this, sometimes I do wish I can sew! :)