Sunday, March 14, 2010

Canvases & some more aprons

Hi all,

I know I've been slack on posting of late. I'm blaming the weather & every day life ;). We have had rain every day for nearly two weeks now. Only in the last three days has it been showers. The rest of the time its was teeming down. So much so we have had local flooding & all the roads are full of pot holes. Think Swiss cheese style of roads. Even now we are getting showers. I have done about six trips to our local laundromat just to use the dryers. Or we would be a bit stinky about now.

My Dh & I have also started to work on the spare room for Em. It is going to become her "Big Girl" room. She wants to sleep there now, but we still have a bit to do to it before she can move in. We have some beautiful pink gingham curtains on layby at the moment. Her daddy picked them out for Em, I think he wants Em to have a girly room. So once we get our curtains & some furniture Em can move in. Then I can start on Em's old room which will be the nursery again.

I have been busy with some crafty stuff for Em's new room. I got some blank canveses, aqua paint, Modge Podge & Jo Sonja's Opal Dust, together with an old calander featuring Pooh & friends. I made these pictures in about 3 days as they took so long to dry in this rainy/humid weather. I am really pleased with how they turned out (despite the air bubbles). I am thinking of getting some more of the canvases so I can do some more for Bug's room.

I have also been busy making some more aprons for Em's Preprep. I offered to make some after Em showed her teachers her Dora & Boots apron. I must admit I have gone a bit overboard by making four of them. But they are so easy to make (especailly after the first one) I firgured they should get a choice. Plus the unwanted ones will get put towards their school fete in September.

I made these aprons a little differently to the first one. I lengthened the apron as I felt Em's was just a bit to short. Plus then they would be more appropriate for different sized kids. I also made my applique pieces larger, which makes them easier to work with. On this Bob the builder apron I have even added some metal embelishments (hammer & spanner) from my scrapbooking/cardmaking supplies. I don't know how practical they are but couldn't resist adding them.

This is different Dora picture to the last one. Google images is fantastic!!! That is where these pictures came from. I just downloaded the free colouring in pictures, plus a colour picture for colour reference. I was still playing around with the elastic lace, that's why the bottom of the apron is a bit skewiff (techno term ;D).

I also made two "plain" aprons. I thought this material would be great for the kids, plus would hide stains really well. Surprisingly these aprons don't use up a lot of material so I will make a few more for spares. I also decided to use up some more of this wonderful animal print fabric that I got for Em. I think that the kids will love looking at it & finding all sorts of different animals.

Well what a long post!!! I hope I haven't bored you all too much. I will post some cards I made for Deborah's March CCC when Sanne has gotten them. Till I next get a chance to post TTFN


Alice Wertz said...

Lucky Em! She is going to have a fab girl's room all to herself!! can't wait to see it when you are done decorating!! and those aprons are so cute, Paula!! I know the kids will LOVE them! you are so sweet and thoughtful! thanks for sharing!! =)

Dawn said...

No wonder we haven't heard from you... you have been very busy. The Winnie the Pooh canvases are just super. My Em was a Pooh fan in a big way right up till she was around 14... Your aprons are so cute, the kids will just love them. I bet they ask you to make a pile to sell at the Gala..... Take care and don't overdo things. Hugsxxxxx

Chantal said...

Loving your aprons heaps and heaps!!! :)

DominoDebi said...

Boy, howdy! You are one busy mama!!! The pictures look great to me - Em will be delighted, no doubt. And those aprons are adorable! Full speed ahead, chica!

Dotty Jo said...

I love the idea of Em getting a 'big girl bedroom' - I'm sure she will feel very special! Love those aprons, how I wish that I had time to sew and especially do some patchwork. Not sure if you are doing much blogging right now as you are super busy but I have some candy on offer until the weekend... just drop by and comment to go into the draw! Hope you are feeling good, hugs, Jo x