Monday, August 15, 2011

It's been a while.............

Hi Lovelies,

(This is a non crafty post :{)

I know I have been AWOL for simply ages now.  Life has a funny habit of getting in the way some times, do you know what I mean?  Any way I thought I had better pop in & explain myself. 

The last two weeks of July & first half of August has been taken up with Birthdays.  Most of the kids in our Mothers' group where born around this time.  So I've been driving Miss Em around to loads of different parties at various places for about the last four weeks.  We had our last party yesterday & I'm offically worn out lol. 

This also included Em's & James's party.  This was the first time that I had ever done a birthday party for Em (she turned five).  I figure one every four - five years will be enough (hopefully)!  The party was a huge hit (thank goodness) but so much work.  I was lucky enough that Susan (James's mum) agreed to have a combined party.  We had a Pirate & Mermaid party.  Because our house doesn't have a backyard or fences, we held the party at a park.  Best move ever! The day was perfect & because we had about 25 kids (I am a sucker for punishment) come along, we had enough room for everyone. 

On top of this we've just had all the carpets, rugs & pest control done.  So that meant everything that was upstairs had to be moved downstairs (no carpets there).  That was done last Wednesday & we are still moving stuff back.  I'm doing a cull as I go.  It seems to be taking forever as I have to do things around people's sleeping.  Sometimes I wish Doug worked days, I really do ;). 

So you can probably guess not much crafting has been done around here.  I think I made about 3 cards (all for b'day kids) & about 10 mermaid tails for the party.  I'm officially "Mojoed" out now.  I don't have one ounce of mojo left in me at the moment.  I've even lent some of my new stamps & nesties to Helen.  One stamp had yet to see ink!  I figure she should get some enjoyment out of them, since I wont. 

I'm going to take a break for awhile.  I am hoping to pop by your blogs, semi regularly, but you probably wont see much happening here on this blog.  I want to get my house sorted, cleaned & basically enjoy some time with the kids/hubby.  Then start preparing for our holiday to WA, in October (yikes it's only six weeks away!).  I still don't know what to do about the cat, I'm thinking she may have to go to a cattery just so we know where she is.

Happy crafting everyone xoxoxoxoxoxoxo     


Barb said...

Hi Paula! I've been wondering where you were. Nice to hear from you. And you're right, life does seem to get in the way sometimes. It sounds like Em's party was fun. . .can't believe she's already 5! I hope you enjoy this time with the kids and hubby. I'll miss you're creativity and look forward to seeing it again when you're ready. Take care! Sending hugs to you! :)

sheila said...

Take all the time that you need to get rejuvenated Paula....we'll all still be here when you get back. Sounds like your life has been super busy lately and will continue along the same way for awhile....take care I will look forward to seeing your beautiful creations when you get back!

Dawn said...

Wow has been a busy time and no wonder you need a rest away from crafting for a while. Enjoy and relax then when you're ready, it will be full on. Does Em go to "real" school now? Every day? Enjoy the trip to WA... we aren't going now till March/April next year...this damn op has ruined my one stage would have been there about the same time as you!
Take care my friend.

Tracey said...

No wonder you are exhausted Paula, I am too just reading about it!!! I am sure your mojo will be back full force when you are more vacation!?! Take care my friend! hugs TRace

Alice Wertz said...

big hugs to you, Paula! hope you get some rest and have things sorted out for the trip. thanks for taking your time to visit me, too. you are so very sweet, my friend! =) enjoy your time with family and hope to see you back soon! =)