Sunday, November 17, 2013

My other life as a crazy crafty Mum!

Hi Lovelies,

I thought that I would share with you all what I've been doing in my "spare time".  This is a picture heavy post!  Emsy's school is gearing up for their end of year Celebration night.  Which meant they needed volunteers to help out with making props & things.  So far I've become a sheep mask maker, a throne repairer & star maker.  Plus on the day I'm helping to set the stage as well as setting up my Christmas Tree so the school doesn't have to buy one.

Here are the sheep masks we made for the play.  This is a reject which Lilly loves because she can be just  like her best pal Baa Baa (her toy sheep).  I've discovered that as good as I am with cutting, gluing, punching (holes).  I'm the absolute WORST at laminating things.  So I got out of doing that part lol.  Three of us Mums got together at the school & it took us two days to put these together.

This is Herod's Throne.  I was asked if I could fix it up, as it was starting to fall apart & the stickers where coming off & there was a mile of sticky tape holding it together.

After I pulled all the tape, stickers & old jewels off.  I repainted every thing including the bird.  Then I hot glued the gems on.  Added some dowel to the back of the chair cover to give it strength.  All I have left to do is add the material & then it's onto stars.  Yes I have about thirty stars that have been cut & laminated that need to be threaded with fishing wire so the kids can wear them around their necks.  I am planning to try & get this all done by tonight so I can have it back at school tomorrow.   Wish me luck ;).


Dawn Turley said...

Goodness me Paula.. you have been one busy mum. I remember those days. It will be a memorable day no doubt.

Arlene said...


Looks like a good job too!