Saturday, September 3, 2016

Just a few cards

Hello my gorgeous peeps,

I'm back after a busy week of recovering from a cold and doing "Mum Stuff".  I have been card making as well - so don't feel to sorry for me.  I have found a place in Nambour that will sell my cards for me (as well as some bags I made awhile back).  So have been busy making cards to sell.  Here's hoping they do well.  I also received an order for 12 cards from a friend yesterday.  So I will be busy over the weekend.  I promised my girls that we'd go "Fathers' Day" shopping this morning and then I'd make them a card each to give to Doug.  Plus this afternoon we're going on a playdate to a friend of Bill's.  I haven't told her yet.  Or I wouldn't get any peace.   Plus somewhere in there the dog needs a walk.

So here a few of the cards I've made to sell.  I'm hoping they do well, but won't be disappointed if they don't sell.  At this stage of my life I'm just happy to be card making.  A lot of these cards were based on sketches from some of my favourite challenge blogs.  See the left side bar to check out these fun sites.  

Well peeps it's time to get going for the day.  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and to all of those celebrating Fathers' Day tomorrow have a great day.  

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Dawn Turley said...

You have been busy Paula. Good luck with selling them. They looks lovely.