Monday, April 26, 2010

This is what preggers looks like ;)

*Warning long non crafty post*

Hi all,

Just thought I'd share a couple of "very unflattering" photos of myself ;)!!! My loving dh took these two pics today as we did something simular when "we" where preggers with Em. I was a bit on the hot & tired side when we took these & it wasn't even lunch time yet!

I wanted to go outside to take these as the background scenery is a lot nicer & it's sunny :D. But my guy being a guy.............well you get the idea.

Doug doesn't think these photos show my "real" size or as he put it "How huge you actually are". Men can be so tactful can't they!?! Lol.

I am feeling so much better now thanks to 3 lots of antibiotics. I didn't realise how bad I was feeling until yesterday. It's amazing how a chest infection can wipe you out. Dh has a "man cold" so has been complaining about how tired he is, poor lamb.

I have managed to complete about half a dozen or so Baby thank you cards, still have heaps to do though. I am also in the middle of washing as it's been sunny for two whole days now. I love the rain, but after nearly two months of it, I think we've defianately had enough. At the moment I have my pram, Baby capsule/car seat out in the sun drying & am about to get a load of baby gear out of the machine to hang out. Then it's onto the normal washing. I want to get as much done as possible before the rain decides to come back.

Lastly something a little crafty ;). I have got myself a Tim Holtz Alterations Die "Bird Cage". It is stunning. I just love it & it works so well in my trusty cuttlebug! Mind you it helps that I saw it in action whilst in my LSS the other day. I am hoping to have something to share with you all later in the week.

Well my washing machine has finished so I have to go - TTFN


Alice Wertz said...

you are a pretty mama, Paula! So happy to hear that you are feeling better. =) Stay happy and healthy! I am sending you big hugs! =)

Dawn said...

Paula... are you sure there are not two bugs in there!!!!! Poor you. I remember being that big with mu 2nd pregnancy... not pleasant. Glad you are feeling better my dear so you can test out the Bird cage die - You lucky girl. I'd die to get my hands on one!!!!. Take care of yourself - the cooler weather is coming

Dotty Jo said...

Men are so tactful aren't they! You look fab babe and don't let Doug tell you otherwise... there's a baby on board so you are not going to look like a little stick. Good to hear that the new Tim Holtz stuff goes through a Cuttlebug. I bought a tan embossing mat the other day, but sadly it doesn't go through my little green chum.
Hugs, Jo x

Danielle said...

god love you honey!
Long time no speak
Happy to hear you are feeling better.

Nancy said...

Oh Paula, I remember posing for pics like that, the looks on your face are priceless!! I'm glad you're feeling better. Sending you prayers and happy baby thoughts...
blessings to you,

Laura said...

So glad you are feeling better and that you posted the picts. I feel like I "know" people I meet on the Internet, and the picts just enforce that! Sending you positive vibes for the rest of your pregnancy. Take care of yourself!

Fika said...

I'm happy that you're now feeling better.. healthy momma is very important.. do not worry about how big you are.. as long as you and your baby are healthy, others does not matter.. I'm thinking of you Paula!! Take care :)

Lucy Abrams said...

Hi paula - love seeing the photos - and what IS it with men. So sorry he's suffering with a cold - I do hope you are running around after him with hot drinks and tissues :) No, seriously, I hope he's waiting on you hand and foot!!!!
Hope you feel completely better soon, thinking of you LOTS.

Anne Gaal said...

Hi, Paula! I think you are beautiful! Love seeing pics of you! It is so hard being preggers in the heat! Glad you are feeling better! :-)

Virginia L. said...

You are "growing" well and it's for a VERY good reason :) Thank you for the updates! I was wondering how you are...keep us posted!