Saturday, July 10, 2010

New stamps :D

Hi all,

Well I finally have gotten my inky hands on some Greeting Farm stamps. Oh boy all I can say is WOW!!!! These stamps are fantastic! I am so going to be getting me some more of these fantastic creations. I have gotten three sets of these & my dear friend Helen has gotten some as well. My LSS even rang me as soon as they came in so I was one of the very first to get my hands on them, gotta love that :D. I have some more cards here on my flickr stream.

I am finally putting my limited supply of Copics to good use. I am having a blast putting these cards together. I used a few of the challenge sketches from some of my favourite blogs as a starting point. I am going to give these cards to my LSS for them to display if they want. So with that in mind I brought a few of the newest pattern papers they have in stock. On the Amellia cards I have used Basic Grey (love that company!) Koshi range & for the Oliver cards I am using the Transportation Range by Best Creation Inc. Which is sooo cute especially for little boys.

On non crafty stuff - Lilly & Em are doing really well. I can't believe that Lilly is now five weeks (& one day) old already! Where does the time fly? Em is relishing her roll as a big sister & tries to be as helpful as a four year old can be. Doug has started back at work this week & things seem to be running smoothly.

Helen came over for a visit today & we had a wonderful time together disscussing this, that & everything in between. We shared some wonderful home cooking & reciepes. Em was so happy to see Helen that she got over excited & played up (a lot). Even after Helen went home she was naughty & ended up crying herself to sleep, poor thing. Lilly went out in sympathy & was very unsettled as well. So our house was rather noisy for a while tonight. They joys of kids :D, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Well Doug has just pulled up in the drive (it's his early night) so will go now. Have a great weekend & happy crafting every one xoxoxoxo TTFN


Dawn said...

Paula.... love your card here and am off to see your Flickr photos soon. Love that you are getting some "you time". Sounds like a "fun" evening.... but as you say - we wouldn't have it any other way!!!!
take care

CupcakieHelen said...

Paula, I had a great day! the gurlies were so good, my 2 were little monsters compared to your 2.. So thankyou very much! Same again next saturday?? im wondering what to bake...
I am now off to look at your flickr photos - your cards are unreal!

Alice Wertz said...

Hi Paula!! (waving here!) so happy to see you posting and so happy to hear that everything is going well! your card is so beautiful! you colored Amellia so beautifully! i LOVE IT!! so glad you found some crafting time, too! how is tom & smudge doing? =) do they need to adjust to Lilly? so glad to hear that things are running smoothly! thanks for the update. hope you have a happy Sunday! =)

Lucille said...

Hi Paula,
So glad you are back to stamping, your card is a cutie. And, so glad to hear the girls are doing well.
Happy stamping :)
Lucille K

Kathy said...

Happy to get the scoop and happy things are going so well. Love love the card