Monday, August 2, 2010

Thank you from my "little Dear" :D

Thank you from my "little Dear" :D
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Hi all,

I am sorry I haven't been online that much of late :(. I have been staying away on purpose. I tend to want to check out lots of different things & of course that all takes time. So I've been staying away so I can get more organised with Lilly & the family.

This picture is for everyone that took part in the blog hop for me :D. Thank you so much ladies!!! It was such a wonderful surprise & so unexpected. This is the only way I can think of to thank everyone straight away. I was going to upload all the cards I have recieved but unfortunately that takes a lot of time that gets spent looking after kids (husbands & cats). Mainly because I would then want to add links to each person that sent me a card.

At the moment half of my craft room is upstairs around our kitchen table (we very rarely use it for eating at). I wanted to be able to craft with in ear shot of Lilly, plus it's a lot warmer upstairs at this time of year. So as you have probably guessed Lilly is on the kitchen table ;) posing with the card.

Sorry if I am not making a lot of sense at the moment - sleep depravation is not good for the brain cells lol.

Em & Lilly are both doing ok. Last week they got their immunisation needles - Lilly's 8 week needles & Em's 4 yr needles. Poor babies, they where so brave. Em didn't cry at all, I guess the promise of a Freddo frog & Macca's (McDonalds) afterwards was a good reward. I also didn't cry (this time) as I was trying to not put my fear of needles onto Em. Lilly was a little unsettled but did really well.

Poor Em is in the wars, not only did she get her needles but she is also teething again. Had I known this last week I would have put off her needles till after her b'day. Em is at home at the moment as her school called as she was feeling poorly today. So after a quick trip to the chemist on the way home she should be right to go to school tomorrow I am hoping.

Well I had better be going as I'm making a cassarole for tea & it is going to take a couple of hours to cook.

Have a wonderful week everyone & happy crafting xoxoxoxoxo TTFN


Dawn said...

Paula... I think you are doing so well... Love Lilly posing with the card... and poor Em - those 4 yr molars are tough on them. Just take care of yourself my dear and don't overdo it!!!

Alice Wertz said...

HI Paula! so happy to hear that you are doing well! and thanks for the updates.. poor Em. please give her a big hug for me! =) Enjoy your time with your loved ones and stay warm! =)