Saturday, February 12, 2011

Newest Family Member

Hi everyone,

Just thought I'd share a picture of our newest family member. 
Yes I finally managed to get the water just about right for our new fish.  It's taken me about 3 weeks to get everything suitable for our new pet.  Em hasn't seen him/her yet & I can't wait to show Em when she gets back from Pa's later today.  I have all my fingers & toes crossed that I can keep "fishy" (have yet to pick out a name) alive.  I am known as a serial fish killer.  I wasn't always a fish killer, when I was in my teens (way too long ago) I kept tropical fish.  I think my problem stems from having such a small tank this time around (just over 5 litres).  It's really hard to put the right amount of chemicals into the water. 

Have a great weekend & happy crafting xoxoxoxo


Carrie O said...


Awe so cute, looks just like my daughters fish. We ending getting one more fish now we are up to three (yikes what am I doing to myself) Good luck with your fish hope Em likes him/her. As for experiencing snow I think it would be nice for a minute for you and then the newness would wear off.

Alice Wertz said...

beautiful new family member! i think Em must be delighted to have this pretty little friend! =) wonderful shot, too! thanks for sharing, Paula! have a lovely weekend! =)

Dawn said...

Very cute Paula.... I see on FB he now has a name... James... interesting!!!! I've never had fish, but since leaving home my son has got a small aquarium and some gold fish.... Sushi is one of them!!!!

donna mikasa said...

Hi Paula! What a healthy looking goldfish! We had some that bred about 70 babies--not all of them survived--but it was a wonderful experience to watch them grow. I'm sure he/she will have a good, long life!