Friday, November 4, 2011


Hi Lovelies,

I know I'm a little late with a Halloween card, but I do have a good reason (really I do).  Here in Australia Halloween isn't celebrated like it is else where.  But having said that it is slowly creeping into our culture.  I made this card with leftover cutouts from a basket I made for Emsy.  I used the latest CPS sketch here & basically used up some leftovers from other projects. 

I'd share the basket I made so Emsy could go trick or treating (at one neighbour, who I supplied the treats for) but our camera is deader (yes a new word :P) than, well Halloween it self.  Oh well lets add it to the long, long list of things that need replacing.

Happy crafting everyone xoxoxoxo


Dawn said...

very cute card. What a shame about your camera. Would have love to see Em's basket and her costume.

sheila said...

ahhh-bummer about the camera....doesn't just need a new battery huh? I love this candy corn border....actually, I just love candy corn ;-D really cute card!