Monday, April 9, 2012

Hi Lovelies,

I just want to thank you all for your kind comments on my last post.  It was totally unexpected & I do appreciate them.  I just thought I should explain why I hadn't been posting.

Since then I've been busy.  So busy this is going to be a long winded post, so you might want to go & get a cuppa.  You will probably need it by the end.

Emsy & I have made cupcakes, a cake, some Easter baskets (mini ones) & I've spruced up Emsy's Easter basket & I've made "Easter" themed biscuits.  Plus I've finally given in to my dh & we are starting to Potty train Lil's.  So far this morning we've gone through three pairs of undies (all big sissy's of course).  We've had one success & two little accidents.  Not bad really....................

Well enough potty talk, so here are a few random photos (all taken on my phone) of the things we've been doing of late.
These cupcakes where for our Mothers' Group's kids.  I then had to make a cake for the mums as well.  Emsy was quiet insistent on that.  Emsy put all the Easter eggs on the top & had loads of fun doing (& eating) it.
This "cheeky monkey" insists on feeding herself.  So I've wised up & bath/shower/hose her down after a meal.  It helps keep the peace that way.  I just love the look on her face, it's sooooooooo Lilly!
These are the baskets we made for all of Emsy's Mothers' Group kids.  We ended up having some leftovers, so we have given them to friends & family as well.
 This sign cracks me up!  I love it.  It is outside our local shops on the Notice board.  Gotta love a Cranky Dinosaur.
 This is Lilly's Tiger face.  I brought some face paints the other day & then googled/you tubed how to face paint.  I found Lisa Joy Young's You tube channel the easiest to follow.
 Emsy wanted to be an Easter Bunny on Friday so I sat her down next to my laptop & we stop started the video so I could do this.  Not bad for a first effort, even if I say so myself ;o)
 I did this unicorn on my arm so I could practice it.  I knew Emsy would want one as soon as she saw it.
Lastly here are my "Easter" themed biscuits.  I find The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle a great blog for tips, tricks & ideas.  I also used her biscuit recipe & it makes the nicest biscuits.

Well thanks for stopping by & getting to the end of this post.  I do hope that your Easter break was a wonderful time of celebration, peace & love with your family & friends.

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Alice Wertz said...

love seeing all the cute and fun photos and so happy to know that you are having such fun with your girls! =) thanks so much for sharing, Paula! big hugs! =)