Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Wedding redo

 Hi Lovelies,

Are you sick of my wedding cards yet?  Ok so today I showed my friend the cards I made & she really liked them but loved the colour of this card above.  I have always thought that this card needed to be redone.  It was one of my earlier cards & I've struggled with the how to's of changing it.  Between the two of us we came up with the design below.
It looks so much better now, don't you think?  I incorporated the papers from the other cards into this one.  I think because the background paper is so busy that the strips of neutrals help to balance it out.  I think the simple bow, ribbon rose & the two pins are just the right amount of embellishments as well.

Well my youngest is not having her afternoon nap, plus Emsy is home from school.  So I had better go do the mum thing.  Maybe I can squeeze in some crafting time tonight?

Happy crafting everyone


Dawn said...

Love the redo... so very elegant now with the ribbon rose, bow and stick pins.

Barb said...

Perfect additions, Paula! So beautiful! :)

Alice Wertz said...

love the ribbon/flower/pin details you added. beautiful redo, Paula! hope you have a lovely weekend! =)