Monday, June 24, 2013

Some cards & bits of my life.

Hi Lovelies,

I know it's been simply ages since I last was here properly (& not auto posting).  I've just been busy & the days simply fly by.  I'm not sure what I'm going to do about this but hey I will figure it out.  Emsy is on school holidays for the next three weeks so no rushing around for school runs which cuts into a lot of my days.  Lils will probably be screaming blue murder by the end of tomorrow & wanting Emsy to go back to school.  I tell you it'd be easier to wrangle snakes! ;-) 

Let's see what's happened since I was here.  I won some classes at my LSS Daisychain so I'm doing card classes which has helped me get back into cardmaking.  I learnt how to make stepper cards the other night & now I think I'm addicted.  Just love them, I even splurged today & brought some Kaisercraft pp with Aliens, rockets, stars & spaceships on them.  as well as a 61/2 pattern paper pad called "Blast Off!"  All those fun & vibrant colours look wonderful & really appeal to me at the moment.  I'm still using up my old stuff & in a few weeks I will be trying my hand at selling my cards at a local market on the Sunshine Coast.  Hopefully I will sell enough to make it worthwhile.  

Now for the fun here are a few of the cards that I have made over the last day or so

This flaminco card is made up with all sorts of bits & bobs from my stash.  I really love how it all came together.

I was asked to make a baby boy card for a friend of mine & only had an afternoon to make it.  As you can see I kept it simple, but it still looks amazing (well I think so).

I discovered this monkey that I had cut out & coloured in my stash so it was a simple case of finding some pp that went with it & then I had a brain wave (didn't hurt to much lol) & used up some odd Kaisercraft gems to make a pile of jewels for the monkey to guard.  I think some little boy would love getting this card.  I also used my copics to colour in the ribbon to match.

Thanks for stopping by & happy crafting everyone xoxoxoxo


Dawn Turley said...

Hi Paula... been missing you. Life can be full on with two children... it does get better/easier eventually!!!! Any way, glad you have been crafty. Love your stepper cards and yes the baby one is awesome. Love your pirate one too.... it's given me an idea for my nephew's birthday coming up soon.
Hope the holidays are not too stressful and the girls don't argue too much!!! good luck with the sales too!

Arlene said...

Fun cards and wonderful colors. I love that little bug on your baby boy card. The cards itself is so darn cute!

What fun that monkey pirate is. He has me smiling.

Sally said...

Glad to see you posting again, Paula - you are missed. I know I haven't been around much either lately - catching up on some blogs tonight. Love these stepper cards you've made, especially the flamingo and the way it came together w/ pieces from your stash! Hope your week with the girls is enjoyable and no "wrangling snakes" is involved!

sheila said...

These are so cute Paula! I love what you have done here and I am glad that you have posted again! I have such a hard time with copying your feed to you know why that is or what I might be doing wrong?

Joyce said...

Such fun cards. You have been so busy.