Monday, August 19, 2013

Bits & bobs

Hi Lovelies,

How are you all going?  I know I haven't been around as much as I'd like.  Unfortunately this is due to a few things.

Firstly my laptop which isn't even two years old has decided it's lost the will to live & the hard drive is going to crash.  Unfortunately it's going to cost more than we paid for the laptop to fix (how stupid is that!).  Which means I going to have to get creative at night again when no one is around so I have access to a computer.  As the desktop is being constantly used by my family for their things.  Plus with Lils I have to keep an eye on her.  Remember the old quote "Silence is golden"?  Well around here it's "Silence is what the hell is Lilly up to now & what kind of mess will I be cleaning up?"  For a three year old she can get herself into a lot of trouble!  Hence creating at night.

I've also temporarily stepped down from Try Stampin' on Tuesdays due to my computer woes. Only because I can't get to the computer to regularly keep up with everything.  I'm still on board with Die Cut Divas.  I think being on only one DT is all I can handle at the moment.  Which is why I've been neglecting this poor blog :(.

Emsy turned seven the other week, I can't believe she is that old!  Where did all that time fly to?  She had a party in the park & invited seven friends, only six could make it.  Everyone had a great time & Emsy seemed to be enjoying herself.  Even is she was feeling a little under the weather.  Poor thing ended up with a bacterial infection of Strep Throat, which meant a week off school & penicillin.  She still has a few more days on the meds but her school is really good with that kind of thing.

Well the housework is a calling so had better go.  

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Dawn Turley said...

Feeling for you Paula. Nothing worse than your laptop dying and costing more to repair than replace! Luckily mine wasn't the hard drive and only a virus. Hand in there sweetie... we'll help out as much as we can on the Die Cut Divas. You've done a great job so far despite your issues. Hope Em's is better. Time is really flying by... 7 already! take care