Thursday, January 15, 2015

Our new home

Hi Lovelies,

Well as promised here are some more photos of our new home.  I thought I would start at the front door & share my new office/craft room.  My darling dh brought six boxes over from his dad's shed & luckily for me most of it was craft supplies & books.  I even have a box of kitchen stuff to unpack.

 This room is classed as an office/fourth bedroom.  Even though there is no doors, or wardrobe.  I love it as a craft room as the floor is tiled & the window lets in so much natural light.  I can't wait to start creating in here.
 Eventually I hope to put the computer tower & monitor in another room (once I buy a wifi extender) so this will give me even more room to play with.
 This hall stand actually belonged to my Nanna (on my dad's side) & was given to me just recently.  I love it.  It suits our new home perfectly.  Can you see the clock?  It belonged to my Granddad, so the two pieces belong together.  I love that I have this connection to them as they have passed on.
 This area is know as the Library, because I have no idea what to call it otherwise.  It's perfect for all our books some of the kids toys & our brand new desk (from Ikea - thanks Mum) for the computer.
 Yup at the moment it's holding my new Laptop.
 Love my new kitchen, dining, family area.  It's such an amazing space that looks out over our pool.  Which the girls have been in nearly every single day.  I love that I can be inside but still keep an eye on the girls.  Also my kitchen is a dream come true.  The pantry is huge, we also now have a dishwasher (not called Doug).
The furniture in the lounge/dining room is from my friend Helen.  Helen is moving interstate so I was luckily enough to be given some of her furniture.  Thank you Helen.
  My dining room looks out over the pool and a water feature.  Doug cleaned it out about four days ago & the next day a brown Tree Frog promptly laid it's eggs in it.  Today it's full of tadpoles.  We are so happy.  So each day we are checking them to see what is happening.
 My sister Julie & Emsy are having a "moment" before we all get ready to say goodbye :(.  Jule's came on Christmas day & we have loved having her.  We will miss you Aunty Julie.
 Lilly is standing just outside our front door in this shot.  Where we have another pond & "creek bed" running through the garden.  This pond is also full of tadpoles but we aren't sure if they are Cane Toads (noxious pest) or frogs.

 Lastly here are a few more shots of my craft room/office.   I've been really good & culled a lot of things both before we moved & as we've unpacked.  Today I have gotten two boxes of stuff to give away & over the weekend I've made two trips to Vinnies to donate stuff.

Well lovelies, hope you have enjoyed a bit of a tour around our place.  Have a great day & happy crafting.

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