Monday, January 12, 2015

First post for 2015

Hi Lovelies,

Yes I know it's been a very long time.  So I don't expect any one to drop by lol :p.   I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas & New Year.  Personally I had an extremely busy time, we moved house in the second week of November, then got the keys for the new place in the last week of November (spent nearly a month at my parents house) then spent the first week of December cleaning the new place to make it livable.  Yes it was that bad.  Since then I've had guests staying for Christmas and my sister leaves for Perth tonight.  So am feeling a little sad about that.  I almost have everything unpacked & we can now get a car into the garage.  I am determined to get everything unpacked before the girls start school this year.  

I do hope that in 2015 that everything continues to get better.  Last year was "meh" for me.  It started so well, but then slowly went "blah" (yes they are technical terms ;P).  I was quiet sick for about 12 weeks with a really nasty flu that our whole family got.  We banned visitors - they couldn't go past our letterbox hee hee. Poor Emsy got it first, followed by the "Little General" Lilly, then Doug & I caught it.  Unfortunately I had it the longest.  

My laptop decided to have a very slow death last year.  I spent most of the year re-installing it back to factory settings.  I had to step down from two of my favourite sites because of this.  So I now have a new  Laptop - Yay! So at least now I can start checking out my favourite blogs once again.  I can't wait to see what you are all doing.

I also can't wait to get my craft here & unpacked.  Currently it's still in boxes sitting at my F.I.L.'s shed.  Last year was a low point crafting wise.  I couldn't seem to get my mojo to work.  So of course because I don't have anything here & I'm down to the last 10 boxes or so to unpack.  I want to create cards again. I'm hoping my darling dh will start bringing them over this week for me.  So expect some mail soon my friends.  I need to get creative.

Well the family is now up, the rain is falling & we have a full day ahead.  Hope you liked seeing our new place.  I hope to share some more happy snaps soon.

Have a great day & happy crafting xoxoxo


Dawn Turley said...

Hi there Paula....:-) Glad to see you here. Your new place is lovely and I bet the pool gets lots of use this summer. Hope that 2015 is a better year for you guys. And your MOJO comes back. Just take it easy and it will come back to you like riding a bike!
take care
Hugs Dawn

joy said...

Hello, Paula! Your new house is beautiful and I love that pool. Thanks for sharing the photos. Enjoy your new space!

It is sometimes hard to get back into blogging and challenges, etc., but I look forward to seeing your creations.

Sally said...

Hi Paula,
Welcome back! Your new house looks amazing, well worth the work to get it all cleaned up for settling in. I've been quite absent on my blog this year too, but hopefully this year will be the one filled with lots of creativity for both of us! Hugs...