Friday, May 1, 2009

Cards & phobias!

Pink b'day card
Originally uploaded by pajalu (Paula)

HI all,

Well I know it's been a little while since I last posted anything. I have been so busy of late. Especially this last week & a bit. I was asked by one of my mothers from my mothers group to make 4 cards for her with specific things on them. So of course that meant I actually made about 10 or so cards to give her a choice. After I had made about 5 cards I sent her an email to show her what I was doing & to make sure that the cards where what she wanted. Which was lucky for me as this card is for her sister who has a bird phobia. I was unaware of this before making this card. So I then had to make a few different sister cards. In the end this card became no longer as the two cirlces where taken off this card & add to another card (on the inside). So now I have saved most of this card & added something else to it. I am hoping to post a picture tomorrow.

On a side note, I am still to start on a card for the Hannah v Paula challenge. Arggghh I am having a mental meltdown at the moment. Let's hope tomorrow brings some good ideas. Thanks for stoping by - TTFN


Lucy, England said...

Hi Paula - glad it's not just me on mental meltdown...
Love this pretty card and glad it wasn't totally destroyed. I love altering cards and making 2 new ones. Still laughing at the bird phobia.

Monika Reeck said...

Pretty card Paula...cute little bird...I am new in BLOGGER...can I be your follower Paula...hugs, Monika

Anne said...

Hi, Paula! It is always hard doing "commissions". You're smart to make a few different cards so your client has choices. And to check with her before they are due to be delivered ... so you can find out things like someone has a bird phobia! (How could you have guessed!) That way you have time to make tweaks and changes! You're so smart! :-)