Sunday, August 2, 2009

Em the Fairy Tiger Princess

Hi all,

Well as you can see I'm the proud Waa Waa (my dd's nickname for me) of a Fairy Princess Tiger. Em was invited to one of her friend's b'day party. Which had a fairy theme. So after checking out a few places I made her costume up myself. Due to the fact that the costumes either where to small or way too expensive. I didn't use a pattern for this dress. I just made it up as I went along. I got Em to choose the fabrics for her outfit. We went to Lindcraft for the tulle & then through my fabric stash for the rest of the fabrics. The top of her dress is made using "Fairy Frost Pink" & the yellow material on the bottom of her outfit is left over from a quilt that I'm making her. The last photo is from a few days prior, when we had another bit of a party for the same little girl at a local park with all the kids from the Mother's group Em & I are a part of.

They also had a professional face painter there to paint the kids faces. So of course we looked through the book of ideas & Em spotted tiger faces & wanted one. Doug (dh) thought that maybe the orange tiger would clash with the fairy outfit. Luckily for everyone's sake (Em tantrums aren't pretty or quiet) I found some pink/purple tigers & we settled on one of those.

Em is always pretending to be some sort of animal. Today for example she's a dolphin. Execpt for a short time this morning when she decided we should go back to her little friend's place so she could become an orange tiger. Luckily for me she's been good about the fact that her friend isn't having a party today so we can't go.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Paula! It's Karen from Michigan.........don't know how I got here to your LOVELY blog, but I'm enjoying it and seeing your DARLING DAUGHTER and husband.......SO SWEET! Thank you for your sweet comments with my interview with Deborah (gigi)......I apprecitate so much what you said! You mean the world to me. Hope you had a FUN DAY..........Em's face painting is OUT OF THIS WORLD BEAUTIFUL!! What a DOLLY!! Love, Karen

Dawn said...

What a cutie Paula. I think she looks like you.... without the tiger face of course. I love this age when they just loving dressing up. It is so much fun for mummies as well.... Take care

Hannah. F said...

Wow whoever painted her face did really good! it looks so real(minus the pink lol)she is Cute!

Anne said...

Hi, Paula! Great photos! Fabulous costume making! And I love the pink and purple tiger! :-)