Sunday, August 30, 2009

I'm a sad Wha wha tonight :(

Hi all,

Well no crafty things to share tonight. I'm just going to write about my gorgeous baby girl, who isn't a baby any more :(. I can't believe that Em is now 3 yrs old!!! Where oh where did the time go? One minute she was a new born & the next she's having her 3rd birthday.

Tomorrow she starts her first day at Preprep. I am so happy that we have finally gotten her into daycare, but at the same time so very sad. Stupid isn't it, I didn't think that I would be as upset about this exciting time in my daughter's life as I am. I can't wait for her first day to be over & for her to tell us all about it. I really do think Em is going to have a blast, goodness knows she's been ready to go for awhile now :D.

We went to her daycare/preprep school last Tuesday for orientation & Em was chomping at the bit to get into the thick of things. Doug was really surprised, I think he thought she would be clingy. I knew that Em would be off & into the action as soon as she could. We had to contend with a tantrum on the way home as Em wanted to stay longer than the two hours.

So I guess that I will have to be happy on the outside & a little sad on the inside so Em doesn't think that school is a bad place. Nothing worse than a sobbing mother when your on your first day at school ;). Have a great week ahead every one & thanks for all the lovely comments that you leave - TTFN

PS This is my new favourite pic of Em helping me make cupcakes on her b'day & Wha wha is her nick name for me :D.


Dawn said...

Paula... what a pretty little girl you have. She looks so outgoing that I'm sure she will just love prep school. It is so good for them. She sounds just like my Em - a leader in the making!!!! And it's okay to feel sad.... I know I did everytime something like this happened. I remember first days at Kindy, primary school, secondary school... and then when she left home!!!! It will be here before you know it. Just enjoy her as much as you can. Love to you all

Stamping Cafe said...

Oh Paula! Your little girl is beautiful! I'm sure she is going to enjoy preschool. I remember the first day my older daughter went to preschool, I cried my eyes out! :) Now, she is going to second grade! They just grow up too fast!! It's such a big step for you all, big hugs!!