Sunday, July 26, 2009

Thanks & cats

Hi all,

Well I just have to say that I had a great time with the I {heart} Hero Arts blog hop. So a huge thank you to Ashley for organising it :D. I would also like to thank every one for their lovely comments that they left me, I really do appreciate them all.

A few people wanted to see photos of my two delinquent cats. So any excuse to show them off :D. I love my cats just as much as I do my kid (not sure if I should have said that) *wink*. Tom (the ginger boy with jewels) is my $5000 stray - what can I say, I have "SUCKER" tattooed across my forehead in cat!!!! He basically came with our house. You know how it is, you buy a cat & get a house........err well something like that :).

Tom is eyeing off a bottle of cold coke at the moment, he loves to lick the condensation off anything cold. He also loves distilled water & goes nuts every time he sees me using it. He is about 12/13 yrs old & is such a big sweetie. I wanted to get Tom a friend as I have to keep him indoors (to cut down on vet bills). I decided to get a kitten as I thought that Tom would take to a kitten more easily than if I had gotten an older cat. But it was such a difficult choice to make as there where so many beautiful (old & young) cats there & the older ones have a harder time getting adopted (so very sad).

I got Smudge (my black & white drama queen) from the Noosa RSPCA as a kitten four years ago now. Can you tell I'm into recycled pets? Smudge is the ratbag of the two & the main trouble maker. She gets called "Bludger" a lot, not because she's lazy but because it rhymes with Smudge (Bludge). She's asleep in her basket on top of the water heater at the moment. She always loves to be in the middle of what ever you are doing. She is really good at being a quilter cat. Which means I have to wash my fabrics more than once. Well I guess I know they wont run :D.

I have to go spend some time making a few cards now, as I have my brother's anniversary comming up in the next week as well as four birthdays. Take care all & TTFN


Anne said...

Hi, Paula! Tom and Smudge are adorable! Love them both! Isn't it funny how we make up so many nicknames for our cats? Hope you're having a terrific weekend! :-)

Diana said...

Look at the kitty! So darling. Are you on Twitter?

Dawn said...

Paula - they are so sweet looking... give them big hugs from me.

Anne said...

Hi again, Paula! Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my blog! Hope you have a terrific week! :-)

DottyJo said...

Thanks for sharing the lovely story of your two cats! I have a big, fat boy cat called Custard who is not coping well with all the rain that we are having in th UK right now.
I did have an 18 year old girl cat called Cleo, but sadley she died last month and I am mourning her loss at the moment. She was an amazing companion and always felt the need to sit on any quilting or papercrafting project that I was doing. One time I found her asleep in my new crock mixing bowl - needless to say I never got to make any cakes using it after that!
Take care, and hug those cats for me! Jo x