Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Helen

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Hi all,

I thought I would post a picture of this cute owl card that I made for my friend Helen's b'day. It was her b'day on Monday but she is coming over to "play" tomorrow so I will give it to her then. I have also made her an Owl toy, & a gift box. All of which I know she will just love to bits.

I knew there must be a reason why as a patchwork/quilter I like paper craft so much :D. They are basically the same. You can adapt patterns to cards & stamps to patterns. This owl card is adapted from a pattern to make a stuffed owl toy. I just love the way this card has turned out. I am using leftover papers from the gift box I made to put the owl & some instructions on how to make bon bon boxes, a mini album, a gift box & a canvas. I will post some more pictures tomorrow, of the rest.

A quick note too - to say a huge thank you for the lovely comments of support for me & Em on her first day of Daycare/preprep. Just to let you know she had a blast & threw a massive tantrum all the way from the daycare building to our house. All because she wanted to stay. Em wouldn't tell me how her day went or get out of the car when we got home. Luckily her Daddy has a knack of calming her down. So eventually she told us that she had a wonderful day. Thank you all for the lovely comments & have a wonderful day/night TTFN


Laura said...

Love the owl. I haven't really tried adapting quilt patterns to paper crafting. I really like the idea.

Dawn said...

Real clever Paula. Love it. You have been busy and I'm sure Helen will love all the goodies. Enjoy your "play date"