Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ok what would you do?

Layered Thinking
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Hi everyone,

I was just over at my flickrstream. When I was informed by a wonderful friend that one of my cards had been used by someone else.

Now I've never had this happen to me before & it's not like the person can claim the card as theirs as I have my name on the picture & it's visible when you view the card on their site. So what do you do? I emailed the person & said the following:

Dear Sir/madam,

I am the maker of this card that you have on your site here: (I've removed the link here, not sure on the legalities).
I was made aware of this today by one of my Blogging friends. I am a little taken back that you have used my card without asking me. I know my name is on the picture, but still I would have liked to have been asked first. I don't have an issue with you using my card at all, but if you had of taken the time to email me that would have been nice.

I am awestruck that you think my card is worthy to be on your site, but next time please ask first. :D

Yours sincerely
Paula (Pajalu)

So what do you think?  Am I being to "prissy" (couldn't think of the right word) about this?  Or do you think I should have said/did something else.  Silly thing is, if the person had of asked me I would have been so happy & said yes.  I'd also probably would have done a blog entry about it & given them some more exposure (do you know what I mean?).

Well that's it for me today - Happy crafting everyone xoxoxoxoxoxo


Dawn said...

Good on you Paula.... it's not as if they linked it back to you or gave you any credit other than copying it straight from the Flickr group.... I would do the same.

donna mikasa said...

I think you did the right thing, Paula. I don't think I would be as calm as you sound! What ever happened after this? Did they give you credit? Remove the photo? It's rather appalling to think that people do that....or am I just a bit naive?

Sheila said...

Hi Paula, I am unsure about this....could they have done it as an honor to you....I mean, without seeing the site , I am just guessing here but is it done as a homage to your card? Although, even in that case I think it would still be nice if you were asked for permission or given the heads up first. Lastly, is it a "new blogger" because, I can see someone new maybe thinking it is ok as long as they reference you.....and no, you are not being prissy at all ;-D 'cuz it is a wonderful card!

sheila said...

Hey again Paula, I just went and checked out the site....and wow! that is just wrong! Donna is right, you totally did the right thing and if I also doubt that I would be as calm sounding as you. Good response!

Alice Wertz said...

even though i have not seen the other post, i am pretty sure you did the right thing. it is always nice to be asked first and given credit. it sounded like he/she didn't even link you up and give you proper credit. it's just wrong. hope this never happens to anyone again. big hugs, my friend! =)