Sunday, October 23, 2011

A random post (I guess)

Hi Lovelies,

Well things seem to be settling down a bit around here (yay!).  My sister Julie from W.A. is staying with us at the moment.  Jules flew over for a school reunion & to catch up with her old flatmate Beverley.  Who came up from Brisbane yesterday & stayed the night with us all.  Which was great for Julie, they spent most of yesterday out & about.  Today Jules & Beverley went to Sea World on the Gold Coast.  Which is about two hours south of here.  They seem to be having a great time of it.  To me it's really strange we went to Sharks Bay to see dolphins, sharks & other amazing sea life & my sis flies over here to do nearly exactly the same.  Life is certainly strange some times ;P.     

Our camera is all worn out & isn't playing nice at the moment :(.  It was working fine up until I took the memory card out to print all the photos at Big W.  Since then it's been tempremental, so I'm hoping that after the battery is charged I can at least get some photos uploaded from the memory stick.  If not I might have to borrow a friends/family computer to upload them so I can share some with you all.  Our memory card slots are the decorative kind on our computer.  They look good but don't do anything...........just a lot frustrating.  I promise not to bore you with all 490 odd photos.  I am now thinking this is why our camera decided to go on strike, it's tired & needs a holiday - from us *tee hee*.

Well Lils just got banished upstairs with her sister so I could finish this post really quickly.  So I have to go now.  I'm hoping that I get some time to post a card I've done for a challenge a little later (like when they've gone to sleep). 

Happy crafting everyone xoxoxoxoxoxo     


Dotty Jo said...

Hello Paula, good to hear from you - hopefully you'll get up and running with our camera again soon. Big hugs from the other side of the world, Jo x

Dawn said...

great to hear your settling back to being home. Now to get some card making done... Hope the camera is ok and you don't lose all your photos.

Barb said...

I hate camera problems almost as much as computer ones. Good to hear from you, Paula and I'm looking forward to seeing some cards from you again! Have fun with your sis! Hugs! :)

Carrie O said...

Looking forward to seeing some cards. Have fun with your sister,

Alice Wertz said...

so glad to hear that things are getting back to normal. looking forward to seeing the photos! =)