Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bye, bye holiday

Hi Lovelies,

Well my WA holiday offically ended today/tonight.  We got home just after 6pm (thanks for the lift Dad) & the girls are sound asleep upstairs in their own beds.  I am hoping they have a good night's sleep as tomorrow will be busy, busy around here.  I have to pick up my sister (from WA) in the morning, do the grocery shopping (or we will all starve) & finish the mountain of washing that I have just started (sigh).

As for our holiday I will hopefully do a post on it in the next few days.  But just to let you all know it was FANTASTIC!!!!  We all had a wonderful time, with family & seeing some of Western Australia's fantastic sights.  Sharks Bay is on our go to again list. 

Well I can hear footsteps upstairs so have to go rouse on Emsy :/
Hugs to you all xoxoxoxoxoxoxo


Barb said...

Yay! So glad you're back Paula! Looking forward to the photos from your trip! Welcome home! :)

sheila said...

Glad to hear that your holiday went so well! am looking forward to pictures as well as beautiful creations from you again!

Alice Wertz said...

welcome home, Paula!! so glad to hear that you all enjoyed the vacation. looking forward to seeing the photos! =)

Dawn said...

welcome back Paula. Glad it was a great holiday. Can't wait to go to Perth.... next year now!