Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas to you all

Merry Christmas everyone,

I do hope that you all enjoy yourselves & have a fantastic, safe Christmas & that 2012 is a wonderful year for you all.

Don't you just love this "traditional" Christmas photo of my two girls?  Every year we get a photo with Santa, although I uaually have to be in the picture somewhere.  This year was the first time I didn't have to be in the actual photo but as you can see Lils' wasn't a "happy camper" about the whole thing.

I also hope that at this time you are stress & worry free, if that is at all possible.  I know for me it will be a bit stressful.  All I have to do is put together a trampoline (with some help from my dad) make some Rocky Road, Fudge & mini Christmas Puddings - nothing to it (yeah right).  My plans have sort of gone out the window as I was hoping to get the bulk of the cooking done this morning whilst Emsy was staying over at her Pa Pa's for the night.  Execpt that she didin't go but she will be there tonight so I am hoping whilst LIls' is having her nap I can get the bulk of it done then.   It's easier to cook when I only have to wrangle one kid.  I have organised for the girls to spend tomorrow afternoon at my parents place whilst my dad & I put the trampoline together.  If all goes to plan I will bring the girls home just after dark, park a little further back on the drive way & get them upstairs before they notice it.  I also must remember to draw the kitchen curtains so they can't see it.  I so hope I can pull this off.   Doug will be working so as usually it will be just me & the girls (I hate that) but at least Doug doesn't have to work Christmas Day night & will also get the next two nights after that off as well.

Wishing  you all the very best & have a safe & wonderful Christmas, see you all in the New Year.  Hugs Paula & the girls xoxoxoxoxo 


Barb said...

Oh, does that photo ever bring back memories - just love it! Good luck with the surprise of the trampoline!

Merry Christmas to you and your sweet family, Paula! Hugs! :)

Dawn said...

Yes, I remember the days of Santa photos... it will get better Paula. Don't stress too much, my friend... the girls will love their present and the day will go well. All my love to you, Doug, Emma and Lily

Dotty Jo said...

Hi Paula, hope you have a lovely Christmas! Thanks for your card - I hope yours has reached you by now. Love the picture - so sweet. Hugs, Jo x

Alice Wertz said...

too cute! love the adorable photo! =)