Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year

Hi there,

Happy New Year to you all.  It's the very last day of 2011 & what a year it's been.  It didn't start off so well what with all the floods, earthquakes & loads of other disasters.  Lets hope 2012 is a better year all round.  I guess it also means New Years Resolutions as well.  I'm still trying to decide what mine will be this comming year.  I think I will have to think on them for a bit.  Have you decided on yours yet?  I'd love to hear what they are.  Or are you one, not to make any?  I make them & then usually they go by the wayside like everyone elses.  Maybe I should turn mine into a list & keep it out where it can be seen everyday.  Either way I think they are something to strive for.

Are you planning to have a party or go to one?  Me I will be home alone with the girls whilst my dh is at work.  I don't mind as I'm socially awkward.  I am hoping to not get side tracked tonight as I want to make some cards & possible start on a Christmas Organiser for 2012.  Anything to help make the "Silly season" a little easier. 
I thought I would post a couple of pictures of my Christmas tree from this year.  Do you like how the ornaments are about two feet off the bottom of the tree?  I can't wait for next year when maybe all of the ornaments can go on the tree once again & maybe all of the tree will get decorated.  If you look closely you will see heaps of Emsy's decorations from the last three years at Preprep, plus the beautiful ornaments I got in Hannah's ornament swap from a few years ago.  All out of harms way from the monster err I meant Lilly.  Even the pressies didn't make it under the tree until after Emsy & Lil's went to bed.  Just to be safe.

Well we are about to head upstairs for tea (Corned Silverside & salad - yum), bath & the girls, bed.  Have a Happy & safe New Years where ever you are celebrating it.  See you all next year ;P

Hugs to you all
Paula xoxoxoxoxo



Dawn said...

wishing you a Happy New Year Paula... to you and your family. May it be everything you want and more. I'm probably not going to see the new year in as I'm full of the cold. Coughing and spluttering all the time... take care Paula.

Linda B said...

A very Happy New Year to you and your family!
Linda B

Dotty Jo said...

Here's wishing you and yours a very happy new year dear Paula, Jo x PS Custard sends a meow to his Aussie cousin!

Carrie O said...

Happy New Years to you and your family. I will be celebrating my new year with my brother as my husband and daughter will be going to my mother-in-laws cottage up North. I'm not much for the cold and decided I will be selfless and stay home with our dog instead of boarding her in a Kennel. When my brother found out I would be alone he changed his plans to celebrate with me. So this could be an interesting night a head of me. Happy New Year and I can't wait to see all your creations for 2012.

Barb said...

Your tree gave me quite the giggle today, Paula! So funny! Sounds like you all enjoyed Christmas. Going to be a quiet night here too - Happy New Year to you, my friend! :)

sheila said...

lovely tree Paula and I totally remember those days when my kids were younger.....must protect the ornaments and the kiddies from each other! your tea sounds marvelous ;-D