Thursday, January 19, 2012

My Fabric Stash & the fleas!

Hi there,

Not long after we got back from WA in October last year we had a major flea infestation.  It was so bad we had to spray, wash & flea bomb everything.  I mean everything, the cat escaped being bombed, but not the spraying & washing.  It was horrid.  Poor Emsy copped the worst of it, it seems she's tasty to the fleas.  Even now her legs are still a mess (she wont leave the scabs alone). 

But as they say for every dark cloud there is a silver lining.  For me it was I decided to wash all my fabrics that I amassed over the last five or six years.  Which then led me to actually making something with them. 
This is what I made.  It's a wall hanging measuring 14.5 inches by 19.5 inches. 
I designed this quilt from scratch.  I was inspired by the night sky material that I used as a background.  I named this quilt "Owlet" because it reminds me of a baby owl.  I tried to make it look as though he's sitting on a fence. I am really pleased with this quilt.  It took one day to design & put together.  Not bad for my first real attempt. 

This picture is the start of Lils' Santa Sack.  Which I made for her before starting one for Emsy.  I used two different applique pictures from one of my (many) quilting magazines.  Emsy wanted a cat like our Smudge on her sack. 

This is Lils' finished sack. It is the same size as a pillow case.  I didn't use a lot of christmas fabric in this one.  The bears around the edges have hearts & I thought they tied in well with the central panel.  I zig zagged around the edges of the applique.  I  also used a fine Coic marker for the Christmas light string & some of the finer details on the bear.  The coloured lights I satin stiched (not well).  I will share a photo of Emsy's sack once I find out where she's put it.

Well that's it from me for today.  Hope you enjoyed seeing some of my "other" craft.

Hugs to you all xoxoxo  





Dawn said...

I have enjoyed seeing your other crafting Paula. The quilt is soooo sweet. Love that owl. And Lily's sack is great.

Barb said...

Wow, Paula, what a fun post! I love the quilt - turned out darling! And that is such a fun idea to do Santa sacks for your girls! Love Lily's and can't wait to see Em's! :)