Monday, November 12, 2012

Art Journal.


Today I want to share something.  I have started an Art Journal.  I was inspired by Anne Gaal.  I have been a fan of Anne's for some time & love to see what she has to share with us.  A few weeks back Anne had a competition on Art Journals which is here.  It inspired me to actually start one.  So far I have about six pages filled & today I want to share three of them with you all.  They are using the same digi image from my post yesterday. I wanted to try out some colour combinations using my Copics.  I have been wanting to do this for ages & ages now.  I started by printing off two pages (11 images) of Boobie Love  from my printer onto Copic paper (not sure of the brand).  Then I die cut them out with my trusty 'Bug & nesties.   After that I got my Copic board up & just started colouring or trying combinations I thought might look good together.  I didn't exactly match up some colour combos as I don't have all those colours (yet!).  I found it quiet relaxing, & rewarding.  My shading & blending also improved & now I have a few "go to" colour combinations that I know I will be doing again.  Others not so much ;o).

I have stuck them into this blank spiral bound note book so that I can stand it up on it's ends & use it like a flip book. That way I can glance up as I need to with out trying to find some way of keeping the book upright.

I have just started using this new Copic paper & am loving how smooth it is.  The paper I was using  before was nice, thick & had a slight texture to it.  The Copics blend well on it, but I think I was beginning to ruin the tips of my pens.  With this new paper I just have to remember to put a piece of scratch paper down under it so if the Copics bleed through I'm not ruining my work surface.

I am slowly getting better with all my blending, shading & colouring.  It did help having a coloured reference picture to look at to see how that particular person had coloured the image.  I am a very visual person & if I can see how things are done, I tend to take it in a lot better than if it where written down for me.

So do you have a favourite colour combo?  I'm loving the aqua image (first photo in the middle), but I really want to get just a few more Copics to flesh out the ones I already have so I can do more.  At the moment I have a lot of pinks that just don't seem to go together.  I need to add to them to get a good range of blend-able colours.  Plus I want to get a few more of the Cool Greys so I can do black hair & have it look more black than blue/black or dark grey.

Well lovelies thanks for stopping by.  I hope you have a great week.  I'm about to get tea ready for when the clan get home from Tennis.  I'm hoping once the kidlets are fast asleep in their beds & my dh is asleep in his chair (a Monday night tradition here) I will be able to sneak downstairs & start work on a Calendar for next year using some very nice Kaisercraft papers I got today.

Blank note book
Nestibilities: Labels four
Double sided tape


Dawn said...

LOVE this art journal Paula. You really got some fabulous colour combos. Love the ones with the bright coloured hair!

sheila said...

What a fantastic idea Paula! And kudos to you for your supreme organization! I love this idea/book and might just follow in your footsteps!

maria mcclure said...

Hi Paula,
Just saw this post by following a link from Anne Gaal. What a fantastic way to try out the different colors! Great post!

Arlene said...

I love this image and the coloring is fun and sassy and so cute! I need to go wild on hair too, because I love the different hair colors as mch as the skin tones and clothes.

I cam from Anne Gaal's blog and had to see first hand the wonderful colored images.