Sunday, July 28, 2013

Lilly's Tree

Hi Lovelies,

I'm here today to share a picture I made last night on Gimp 2.8 after looking at various You Tube  "How tos" on how to use Path Tools.  But as with everything in my life this is also kid related.

It all started when Lils decided she didn't want to eat tea (I cooked spag-bol)  she just wanted her taco with cheese.  Yes my girls are strange they have just recently discovered taco shells.  The other night it was a sausage in a taco shell with tomato sauce & cheese.  Kids gotta love 'em.  

So after being sent to her room to calm down (imagine the loudest screaming kid) she eventually brought herself back out & sat next to me to watch me make a practice picture.  This is the picture we made.  Emsy helped as well.  It was fun to make with the girls telling me what I had to do.  

Lil's wanted the tree, bug, blue sky & grass.  Emsy wanted the tree's lines, hole for the bird, bird (owl) & sun.  I'm really enjoying learning how to use Gimp 2.8.  Eventually I want to make over my blog using stuff I've made in Gimp.   


Dawn T said...

super cute Paula. What fun to play on the computer with the girls.

Arlene said...

So cute! WOW... looks like you're a creating wonder girl.