Monday, September 21, 2009

A MeMe award from Donna

Hi all

I have been given an award from the very lovely Donna who's blog is here. It's called the "MeMe award" & the rules are very simple. I have to divulge 7 secrets about myself and pass this award on to 7 others. Well I don't really have any secrets, so I guess I will do what Donna has done & tell you 7 things about me (yes you probably really don't need to know).

1. I am trying to "blackmail" my dh at the moment (insert evil laugh). I told him I want a dog or a baby. So far no sign of either, but it's early days yet!!!!

2. I've decided my 3 yr old is going to be the death of me (very soon). Who knew that they could be so arguementative!!!

3. If I could do anything in the world I would make cards & quilts to give away to charities/people in need.

4. I am trying to lose weight (aren't we all *wink*) so I can beat my genes, Diabetes runs in my family.

5. I am a Coke a Cola junkie........I've tried to give it up a few times.

6. The girliest film I own "While you where sleeping" with Sandra Bullock & Bill Pullman. All my other fav's are either scifi, action or comicbook movies.

7. I still play my playstation 2 & my favourite games are any of the Ratchet & Clank games & the first two Jak & Dakstar games. I would love to get a playstation portable ;)

"Whew" glad that's over with as painful as that was ;). I would love to give this award to the following in no particular order:

Dotty Jo

Please take time to visit these lovely ladies' blogs' I know you will be happy that you did. As always thanks for stoppin' in & your comments - TTFN


Hannah. F said...

Thanks Paula I missed this yesterday beacause blogger wouldn't load on my computer I'll try and do it when I have time.

Anne said...

Hi, Paula! Congratulations on your blog award! I love that movie "While You Were Sleeping"! :-)