Monday, September 14, 2009

Scraps, scraps & some cards

Hi all,

Well today is just a share :D. A few weeks ago I was sick of my scraps "breeding"!!! So I decided that something needed to be done with them. As you can see I got four really good cards from this one pile of scraps. I particularly like the one with PA on it as all I did was lay those strips across the card base & stamped on one strip.

In Australia we celebrate Fathers' day on the first Sunday of September, so that was what motivated me to use up my "manly" scraps.

I am planning on doing this again for some of my christmas cards as I have a massive amount of christmas paper scraps to use up.

Have a great day, thanks for the lovely comments & visiting TTFN


Dawn said...

Gosh you think you have a lot of scraps... you should see my folders.... I need to get motivated like you to use them. You made some awesome cards with your scraps.

Vanessa said...

Great what you`ve done with your scraps! Love how you put everything together!


Diana said...

WOW, these are spectacular Paula!

Anne said...

Hi, Paula! I love what you've done with your scraps! I especially like the striped paper you used in a couple of them. And that frog with a crown is perfect for Father's Day! Didn't know ya'll celebrated it on a different day! :-)

DottyJo said...

Clever you, I should try harder to use up my scraps - especially if they can turn into such fabulous cards! Jo x