Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sew, sew easy...............I wish

Hi all,

Well I guess you can tell that I've had a busy away from the computer week again. Not only due to illness, tests & looking after dd. But I finally managed to get some sewing in over the last three days.

Firstly to let you all know that the blood tests haven't come back yet but I am hoping that they will be at my obst. on about Mon/Tues of this week. So will keep you all posted with the results. On a bright note I haven't thrown up since Wednesday morning.............I know, I know TMIP (to much info Paula) ;).

As you can see I made Em an Apron with Dora the Explorer on it. Boy was that a challenge!!! My machine didn't take kindly to all that small zig zagging I did around the outside of the Applique pieces. So of course this meant that what was going to take one day to complete turned into three days. As I had to have a "rest" for one day (was too drained to tackle it). So today I finished the apron & Em absolutely loves it. Tomorrow we give it a test drive when we do some cooking together. We are making an animal cake, or to be specific a Turtle cake Em told me today. I am thinking cupcakes would be a better option. I will let you all know who wins that round ;D later.

This is the first apron I've ever made & the first time I have used elasticised lace as well. So am pleased with the way it has turned out. I think I will probably make another apron soon as there are a few things I'd like to try & change. But I guess we will see what happens. TTFN everyone ;D


Anne Gaal said...

Hi, Paula! Wow! What a pretty apron! Sooooo adorable! :-)

By the way, my blog has moved! My new location is!

Lucy Abrams said...

How cute Paula - I'm not surprised she loves it.
So sorry you're not well, hope you feel better soon. And happy very belated birthday. Sorry your husband didn't get you a birthday card - my husband failed to get me a Valentine's card... not quite the same, but you'd think that in our first year of marriage and everything... MEN!!!
Take card Paula.x

Lin said...

Adorable pic of Em and your cute apron! Hope you will be feeling better soon!

Dotty Jo said...

Hi Paula, I still have an apron that my Mom made for me when I was a child!!!! I'm thinking its gonna be a turtle cake.....!
Hope all goes well for you, big hugs from the UK, Jo x

Alice Wertz said...

very cute apron! i love the photo of Em waring it, too! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Dawn said...

Em's looks delightful in her Dora apron. I love what you did. I have made a lot of aprons but never had a go at all that appliqué. Very time consuming and I bet having an impatient 3 yr old didn't help. Take care of yourself Paula.
PS - turtle cake will WIN - Emma's are notoriously persuasive!!!

Kathy said...

Oh Paula Ihope you have been puke more throwing up! I can't believe you had the energy to make this adorable apron...amazing and love the photo. You are a wonderful mom and it will get better so hang in there. Thinking of you always. Hugs,kathy