Saturday, February 20, 2010

Three cards & an update

Hi all,

Thank you all for my lovely birthday wishes, they are a bright spot in my week.

Here are a few of the cards I have made this week. The first two are for dh. The first one is his Valentines' card, I decided I didn't want a "traditional red/white" card. So I came up with this colour scheme. I even blinged it up a little by adding gold perfect pearls & water to the heart just for that something extra.

This second card is for dh's anniversary. I tried to keep it as manly as possible. So no bling was added ;).

This last card was inspired by two people:
1. Donna inspired me to use these colours. I find her choices of colours are always so very lovely.
2. Julie who uses these little letters to make some fantastic creations. I've always loved her style.

I'm sorry I've been absent for much of this week. It hasn't been one of my better weeks. I thought I had better stay away until I felt like playing nice. You know the old saying if you can't say anything nice, keep your mouth shut. My dh isn't one of my favourite people this week. I didn't even get a card for my b'day (from him or from Em via him), but I think he knows how upset I am because I did get a bunch of flowers for our 5th wedding anniversary (the day after my b'day). Although he did scare the living daylights out of me, when he came into our bedroom at some ungodly hour ie 4am(ish) to wish me a Happy Anniversary on his way home (he's dog sitting at his fathers place at the moment). I thought someone had broken in - stupid man should know better & warn his wife or turn up during daylight.

On a bright note on Tuesday I finally had my 20 week ultrasound scan. I tried do it two & half weeks ago only to be told I wasn't 18 weeks yet so they couldn't do it (grrrrrrr). So when we went back this week we are back to where we thought we where YAY!!! Bug is being very active these days, it's such a good feeling. I found out yesterday that my gestational diabetes test has come back on the high side :(. Which means on Wednesday I have to go back to do another set of tests which will take between 2-3 hours. So my wonderful friend Helen may come & visit with me whilst I'm waiting between blood tests etc.

Well thanks for "listening" to me dribble on. I will post some more cards I've made later, when Em's dad has come home. So TTFN


Lin said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Love all your cards today.....the dotty backgrounds are nice. I like the Julie letters, too. Will keep you in my prayers for your next exam. Hugs!

Dawn said...

Your post made me laugh Paula. Sometimes those wonderful males in our lives cab be so hopeless!!!!! Still I'm sure he still loves you heaps!!!! Your cards for him are wonderfully manly... something I certainly struggle with. Good luck with your GTT next week... I suffered from Gestational Diabetes as well.... it came right after the kids - apparently it is quite common!!!
Take care'
Hugs from Me.

donna mikasa said...

Belated Happy Birthday and a Belated Happy Anniversary to you and your dh! I'm sure he remembered your birthday but didn't want to forget your anniversary! I'm glad you got flowers! And good to know that Bug is growing and right on track. You're about half way there! Take good care and keep us updated!

donna mikasa said...

Oh! And I forgot to mention that I love all of your cards! Very masculine--no frills and great "manly" colours! I love your "brown inspired" card! LOL! I do miss Julie, those letters!

Dotty Jo said...

Belated birthday wishes Paula...
Gorgeous cards, love all the colours! Jo x

Lucille said...

Hi Paula,
Thank you so much for all of the lovely comments you leave on my blog, they make me very happy.
And, a very Happy Birthday to you.
Lucille K :)

Vanessa said...

Oh, I missed your birthday! Happy belated Birthday dear Paula! Your cards are fab, love them!


Kathy said...

Oh Paula you poor dear I ddin't know that you have GDiabeties. Sorry to hear about your Dh!! The one piece of good advice my mom gave me (I didn't was that I should think about being married 3 days short of my I want to change my BD...doesn't it suck to have BD and anniversary so so funny you do too! No need to comment on my blog you have so much going on. Happy Birthday sweet friend and sorry I'm not around much for you! Sending big hugs your way though. xo<kathy

Anne said...

Hi, Paula! Happy Birthday! And Happy Anniversary, too! Glad to hear that Bug is doing well and that you will have a friend with you while you do more tests. Take care of yourself. And Bug! And Em! And DH! And the kitties, too! :-)

Stamping Cafe said...

Aw... Paula!! Happy Belated Birthday and happy belated Anniversary too!! Love all of your stunning cards, you ROCK!! So glad to hear that Bug is doing well! Take care of yourself, sending big hugs to you!!

Tiffany said...

Love all the combination of blues and soft, warm very pretty!!