Monday, August 27, 2012

Mixed Post


This is a bit of a "Mixed Bag" post.  I've been busy over the last week.  I've got a little bit of craft mixed in with day to day stuff.  So go get a cuppa & enjoy :o).
Smudge "that mongrel" cat of mine, has been at it again.  This is her latest gift - a Tiger Snake.  It's a little one only 2-3 feet long.  As an added bonus it was still alive (sort of).  I swear the cat has a death wish & it's not even Spring yet.  Talk about a wake up call.  I have no idea where she found this guy as it was night time & snakes have usually gone to ground by then.  All I can say is thank goodness we have a screen door or things could have gotten nasty.  I have gotten use to opening the wooden door to see this on the other side of the screen door.  Crazy cat with death wish.  She must be down to about 4 lives now!
 Here is a simple LO I've done, featuring my friend Dawn & my two girls.  It was taken not long after Lils was born, 2 years ago.  But like all things second child related I've not done much in the way of scrapbooking for Lils.  Emsy has 4 scrapbooks & Lils has about 5 pages, such is life.  I have set myself a mini goal to do more scrapping.  I've also decided to add stamping in some way.  Since I have so many beautiful stamps, inks & Copics. On this LO you can't see the stamping but if you look carefully you will see a bow on a tag (near Emsy's head) I've stamped some birds on that & coloured them in with Copics.That is where I've added my journaling, as I didn't want the journaling to take away from the LO.   
Here is a picture of me after I did a 10km Fun Run (or in my case 10km waddle).  Also there was a  Storm Trooper/Clone Soldier (Star Wars) with R2D2 strapped to his back.  I am pretty sure he didn't run, just mingled with the crowd.  This happened yesterday.  We went from Alex Beach Surf Club to Cotton Tree & back again.  I was so happy with myself after I completed the run waddle.  I did the race in just under two hours & had the best time.  I decided to do the run with some of the mothers from my mothers group.  We got separated & they all finished ahead of me.  But they where waiting for me at the end & cheered me on.  They are the best!!! We are talking about doing this again next year.  I used Endomondo to track my progress.  I was averaging about 11 minutes per km.  Which isn't too bad, considering I have a cold & woke up with Conjunctivitis Manky Eyetist.  I stopped on the run to ask a really nice Ambo officer to put some drops in my eye (I stole Emsy's drops).    

 This is a card made with some goodies that the lovely Cathy sent to me as a thank you for a prize she had won.  The flower is a sticker from Penny Black, isn't it gorgeous.  I used some of my leftover Basic Grey Porcelain pp's & the ribbon is also from Cathy.  This card is to say Doug & I are going to his nephew's wedding.

Well I'm off to get lunch, pull the washing in & get the husband/kidlet organised ;o)
Happy crafting everyone xoxoxoxo


Judy1223 said...

Wow, reading this post took me on quite an adventure...snakes, distance runs, eye drops, cards...phew! You really know how to pack a day, Paula! Several things...first, that is one reason we do NOT have a cat. Second, way to go doing that run even though you woke up with eye troubles...I'd have said, "Sorry, ladies, I can't do it this time around..." but that would be a lie in my case since I couldn't even do it without eye troubles! Third, your card is just lovely...way to use the nice sticker that Cathy sent you. Just gorgeous! (What a fun post!)

Lucille K said...

Hi Paula,
I too enjoyed your post. My cat brings us goodies too mostly field mice. In addition to toads that come out at night we have a 5 ft. Bull snake that lives on our acreage. Bulls snakes are welcome guests as they keep rattlers away. Your card was lovely and the LO was so nice.
Lucille :)

Dawn said...

Too funny Paula.... your cat would go well with mine... just thankful there are NO snakes in NZ. I was thrilled to see me on your LO. It is so clean and pretty looking. The birds in the corner of your LO look awesome. Very proud of you doing that fun run. You always get such a buzz when you finish. Hopefully the weather will be just as nice when we are there next week.

Dawn said...

PS forgot to say LOVE the card with the sticker... such a great design.

Dotty Jo said...

Great post hun! Thankfully Custard only brings us mice and frogs and the odd slug. Well done you for the run. Its so good to see you posting on a regular basis again, Jo x

Barb said...

Thanks for the giggles, Paula! Such a fun post! I remember that photo of Dawn with your girls - love the layout!

Way to go on the Fun Run! Woo, hoo! And I adore your card! Gorgeous colors! Sure hope you feel better soon! Sending hugs! :)

sheila said...

Congratulations on your runPaula! You must feel such a sense of accomplishment....esp with that crazy eye business that you have going on! I love your makes me want to get back into scrapping again. I hope you had a wonderful visit with Dawn!