Monday, December 3, 2012

Our mini holiday.

Hi Lovelies,

My lovely little family & I had a mini holiday for the last 31/2 days.  We drove two hours south, to the Gold Coast.  It was a fun-tastic time away.  We stayed at Sea World Nara Resort, which is right next door to Sea World.  We had the best room, it overlooked the resort pool & Emsy loved that.  In fact both my girls had a wonderful time.  Although Lils was starting to crash & burn today.  Thankfully she slept for an hour on the way home. Otherwise my dh may have been a wee bit cransky with the monsta!

We had a lovely time even though it was hot.  The whole time we were away we had temps of mid 30s (degrees) & chances of Thunderstorms.  The storms didn't eventuate but that made for really hot days.

The pool had a light spectacular each night, but we didn't see any until last night.  Which was a shame because Emsy would have loved being involved in it.  We are thinking of going back towards the end of January again.  So maybe she can join in then.

In the main lobby of the resort, there was this cool Dinosaur statue.  The girls loved seeing this guy each day.    They also loved Dinosaur Island at Sea World.  Then at Movie World today, we saw this cool T-Rex & he could move.  I think he scared Lils for a bit, but when we where leaving "he" was chasing Doug & Lils & was going to bite them on the "bums".  According to Lils.  The things my kids say!

At Movie World today, Emsy & Lils had a great time.  There where a heap of rides for the "Littlies" which was fantastic.  There was a junior Roller-coaster.  I went on it with Emsy & decided that that was the first & last time I would do that.  Emsy thought it was cool - so I think it was worth it.  Then we went over to the wild west side of the park.  So Emsy & Doug could ride the "Wild West Flume" ride.  Emsy didn't like it at all.  Poor thing was in tears when they got off.  I think maybe another year or so she will love it.

Then on the way home we stopped in to see Doug's mum & have some afternoon tea with her.  I saw these Krispy Kreme Doughnuts at a service station & thought that they would be a good treat to share.  I know Emsy loved them as did Doug's mum.

 Well tomorrow I have to do Tuckshop in the morning.  So I hope to catch up with all of you later in the day, after I've finished at the school & done some much needed washing, cleaning etc.  Have a great week my friends :o)

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Dawn said...

sounds like a very cool break away Paula. It's cool that you can get to do the "touristy" stuff so close to home. I laugh as I spend heaps to go to close to where you live as a tourist to enjoy the beach at Moolalaba and it's just Home for you!