Sunday, December 9, 2012

Vote for me - pretty please xoxoxo

Hi Lovelies,

I am going to keep this link at the top of my blog for this week please feel free to scroll down to see what else I've come up with.  Please note there is a lot of grovelling, massive amounts, truly huge amounts of grovelling in this post.

I have a huge, massive & really big favour to ask of you all.  Could you please vote for me.  Pretty please with sugar on top.

What for you ask?

Well I was one of four people to have their cards selected for the Masculine Challenge over at Red Carpet Studio.  You can go here to check out the cards & if you go to Red Carpet Studio you can vote in the side bar for my card from the 9th December to 15th December.

Here is a copy of the guidelines/rules for voting:
Polls will be added to the right sidebar of the blog and as you take a look at the nominations for each category you can cast your vote. Only one vote may be cast a day for each poll. Any form of cheating or rigging the polls will result in immediate disqualification. The winners will be announced at the end of the week with the start of the new challenge and will receive a trophy badge to place on their blogs. Anyone and everyone is welcome to vote! 

I know there is nothing in it for you guys, but you will have my undying gratitude for doing this.   Happy crafting everyone.


Lin said...

You've got my vote!

Barb said...

No problem, Paula - consider it done! :)

Judy1223 said...

Hi Paula, I just went to vote and for some reason there are no choices in the MASCULINE CARD section for voting...I'll peek back at it later, but be assured of my vote!

Judy1223 said...

Me again...just tried it again and it have my vote!

Dawn said...

good luck Paula. I can't vote as a DT memeber :-( but it I could, you'd have it!

Tracey said...

I got your back sistah!