Monday, April 25, 2011


Hi everyone,

Today is a very special day here in Australia & in New Zealand.  It's our day of rememberance of those who fought at Gallipoli & in all wars since then.  To all our servicemen & women I thank you as does my family - God bless you all & keep you safe from harm. 

This morning was a special one in our house.  Em went to her first Dawn service, with her Dad & Pa Pa.  She had to get up about 4am to get ready & was really well behaved at the service.  Lilly & I stayed at home. We decided that Lilly is a bit too young to attend this service.

I thought I would include an Australian icon here.  The humble ANZAC biscuit.  This biscuit was made by the mothers, sisters, wives for the troops serving over seas.  I don't think the recipe has changed that much since they where first made.   

Have a great safe day where ever you are xoxoxoxoxoxo


Michael said...

Lovely tribute Paula. My hubby usually gets up to go to Dawn Service, but with being away this year, he didn't. How wonderful you are able to continue the ceremony with Emma.

Tracey said...

Hey Paula! Thanks so much for the sweet hello on my blog! i think of you often...wishing you all the best! Hugs, T

donna mikasa said...

Hi Paula! So proud of Em for waking up early and attending the Dawn service! The biscuits sound yummy. I'll just have to do a bit of measurement conversion! Happy Easter to you and your family! Hugs!!

Alice Wertz said...

thanks for explaining the holiday to me since i am not familiar with it. hope you are having a wonderful week, my friend! =)