Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hoppy Easter every bunny!!

Hi everyone,

Firstly I just want to wish you all a very Happy Easter :D.  I hope that you have a wonderful relaxing time with family & friends over this special time.  Plus I hope that E.B. is very good to you all ;P.  We are spending our time at home (due to dh's work) so will be a nice quiet family time. 

Well our computer went to the computer shop & $200 later came back just as bad as it went in.  So I'm hoping that I can manage to get this blog post done without too much trouble.  I am now going to do what I probably should have done in the first place & take the rotten thing to my friend's hubby & hope & pray he can do the impossible.

So whilst I've been computerless you'd think I would have been inking up those gorgeous stamps & using my newest nesties, but no I haven't.  (Well I did have a very small play with them for about 5 minutes.)  Instead I have cleaned up my crafting space.  I got so sick of weaving my way around stuff to work on about 5 inches of my desk top!  I cleaned for two whole days! Yup you read right two days, that's how messy my area had gotten.  I still have a mountain of "leftover paper scraps", I don't know what to do about that, or how to store them so that I do use them up.  If anyone has a way of storing paper scraps & use them PLEASE let me know.  Here are some after shots (I am not going to share the distasterous before shots!).
My desk it's really there!!!  Woo Hoo

Just a few flowers, buttons & inks.

This is a photo tree which is now a ribbon tree (um must stop buying ribbons!)

The peg board was a birthday gift from my parents (the calandar Em did at pre-prep).

 See a clear run to my desk - wonder how long it'll stay like that ;P. 
I have also made one card since this photo was taken & guess what it still looks this good (woo hoo for me).  If you want to see the card I made go here.

On that note have a great easter & Hoppy crafting every bunny xoxoxoxoxoxo


Barb said...

Love seeing your craft space, Paula! It looks wonderful! I just cleaned mine too and I kept some of the mountains of paper scraps but I also took a ton of it over to a local elementary school and they LOVED that I gave it all to them for the Art classes! Have a Happy Easter with your beautiful family! Hugs! :)

Dotty Jo said...

Great carft space hun!!!! Have a good one, Jo x

Dawn said...

Looks awesome Paula.... I such do mine... but oh well.. the next few weekends are busy crafting... stamp camp, stamping at friends, stamps group.... Love your card
Happy Easter to you and the girls.

Alice Wertz said...

you have a very nice craft space, Paula! love seeing the photos. thanks for sharing!