Friday, April 29, 2011

I'm not a fish killer any more!!!

Hi everyone,

Remember this post I did on James the fish?  Well guess what he's still alive!  I know I even surprised myself.  Well on Wednesday (after all the craziness of the public hols & Easter) I got my water tested in the new (30 litre) tank & it was perfect for fish.  So not only has James moved up in the world, but now he has a brand new tank mate called Finn. 

Wonder why we have two fish with such names?  Welllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll in our mothers' group we have two boys called............................wait for it...............................James & Finn.  So of course Emsy decided (even before we got the fish) that they where going to be called James & Finn.  Not sure why, but hey it could have been worse I'm sure.  I am going to attempt to keep a Siamese Fighting fish in the smaller tank, but will have to buy a heater first.  So wish me luck with that one ;). 
Have a great weekend & happy crafting everyone 


Dawn said...

what a hoot about their names... Kids are like that when choosing pet names.

Alice Wertz said...

love how they get their names. so cute! =) hope you have a beautiful weekend, my friend! =)

Carrie O said...

So cute love their names. We still have the two orginal fish but our third fish did not make it. I think fighting fishes are so pretty good luck!