Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Captain Rogers, yes please!

Hi Lovelies,

 Today is my birthday - Happy Birthday to Me ;p.  So guess what I got.  Yup a plumber, no you didn't guess that?  Oh okay.  Yeah I wanted a plumber for my birthday & no not a stripping kind of one either (dirty minded much?).  Since we have been in our dream home the toilets haven't been user friendly.  The one in our en-suite takes up to eight hours for the cistern to fill again.  So I have a bucket that I fill from the shower to flush this loo.  The other toilet has button issues.  They are really hard to push (even for me and according to Doug I know how to push buttons).  So the girls have no chance of flushing.  Doug complained that he didn't know how to gift wrap a plumber.  Silly man.  But at least he came good & rang one, so now I have a plumber on order.  Just wish I knew what day this week he's coming.

I also got Captain America - The First Avenger (in 3D) so guess what I'm watching after the girls are all tucked up in bed.  When I say watching I really mean whilst I'm crocheting (see earlier post).  I was given this DVD on Valentines Day (love the wrapping paper - yup it's the bag from the shop lol) along with a gorgeous rose & some chocolates but I've been a goodish girl and only watched this once (or twice) since it was given to me.  Yup I'm one of those people that love to watch the same movie over & over.  All I need now is Cap. America Two, Iron Man Two & then the new Marvel movies when they come out & I will be in Marvel Heaven.  Love all the Stan Lee cameos. Well I had better go as my inner Geek/nerd is showing.

Happy Crafting everyone.


Dotty Jo x said...

Many happy returns, Paula! your post certainly made me smile, Jo x

Dawn Turley said...

A very happy birthday Paula. Nice pressie.. maybe he'll be hunky!!!! nothing worse than loo issues... hope you get them fixed quickly 💜