Sunday, February 15, 2015

Organised - maybe not.

Hi Lovelies,

I just realized today that it's been awhile since I last blogged.  I got so side tracked with life, crafting & school that I forgot to take time to blog & lets not mention all the photos I haven't taken of my projects to so I could share with you all.  I dislike taking photos of my stuff as I never seem to capture it well.  Thank goodness for Gimp I say.  ;p

I have come to the conclusion that I'm not going to beat myself up over these "lapses" or that I seem to be going off in a completely different direction with my craft at the moment.  For this year I am going to try to adopt a more relaxed attitude to life in general.  I am not going to put pressure on myself to enter card challenges or have something to blog about.  

I've just spent the whole afternoon taking heaps of photos of things I've been doing (that are still here), editing these photos and turning most of them into colleges.  That is in between referee-ing the ferals, er kids.

Here is a picture of said kids.  Lils is so proud of herself as she put her togs (swimmers) top on by herself.  I didn't have the heart to tell her it is side-ways.  Hence the funny look of the top or the nipple peeking out lol.  It has cross over straps which make it so hard to do.  I figure she gets points for trying.

We are about to start our fourth week of school - my how time is flying by.  I've now got a routine of sorts happening.  Mondays I spend two hours in the primary school tuck-shop after dropping the girls to their classrooms.  Last Monday I iced around fifty cupcakes among-st other things.   Wednesdays I'm helping out in Lils' class with finger gym.  It only takes about half an hour & the kids love it.  It helps build up muscles in their fingers to help them grip pencils.

Our after school stuff is on Mondays & Thursdays.  Emsy has Karate on Mondays & Lils is still doing swimming lessons at the public pool on Thursdays.  Where I catch up with some of the other NCC mums, it's like we can't stay away from each other.  I'm guessing as the year goes on it our week will only get fuller with stuff.

With that in mind, I'm getting slowly organised.  It started out with my (very small) craft room.  I turned a cereal box into a desk top caddy, to hold my tapes, foam tape, card bases, pens and pencils. I now have three caddies if you include the mini scrape tote & the wire basket that holds my pens, glues, scissors, two handled punches and a ruler.   I used up some more Kaisercraft six and a half inch pads to do this.  Then I added some die cuts to it (from Daisy Chain).  I also did the same to an empty envelope box and put my paints in it.

For the girls I've been trying to get super organised.  They each have their own cork board.  Emsy's I did about three years ago.  Lils' I did last week, all I've done for it so far is paint the border.  I am going to get some wooden letters for her & will decorate them.  Each girl has a "Weekly" sheet, and a pouch.  On their weekly sheet they have what uniform they are wearing each day. (Emsy has three different uniforms & Lilly has two).  They also have a few everyday jobs they have to do.  I've also left spaces for their homework to be kept here.  So it's not conveniently lost.  For Lilly I've also added a weekly spot for her letters & word of the week.  So we can practice at home.  I wrote on a yellow (Lils favourite colour) c/stock the Week, Slow letter, fast letter & word then covered it with clear plastic that wipes clean & stuck it to the outside of her pouch.  This way I can look at it at a glance, to see where we are at. I love that white board pens work so well on this plastic.

I've even given myself a house work roster and have since discovered I'm not the only one to do this, if YouTube is to be believed.  I don't feel like a dolt now.  I still have a long way to go before I feel that I am there (where ever there is).  But from what I've been discovering on You Tube, anything is possible.  I especially like that there are so many people are just like me.  I really love all the thrifty ideas.  I may have to start going to the charity shops again.  Not just the back dock where I've been dropping off my dontations tee hee.

Well the girls are back in the pool, so I'd better go be a good mum and supervise.


Dawn Turley said...

I remember those days Paula. You really are getting yourself organised. Enjoy it while they are still young... time just goes so very quickly. The girls look like they are enjoying their swimming.

Arlene said...

Lils is getting big. WOW... I am late to the parade. Ems is just so cute too.

Hugs to you!