Monday, February 16, 2015

Crochet fun.

Hi Lovelies,

Well today is a Monday so I've been at the Tuck-shop, dropped off/picked up the girls and we've gone to Karate.  Emsy "hates" it, until we get there & then seems to enjoy herself.  We (by that I mean me mainly) have to push her to go.  She has lessons at the back of Buderim about half an hour from where we live.  Lils loves going, as there are some other young kids there to play with as well as a playground.  I get to do some "Out and about" craft done.  I have been teaching myself how to Crochet from You-tube.
I have made each of my girls "Knee Rugs".  I used these videos to make the flowers Video 1, video 2, video 3.  I used this video for the granny square and this video for joining them together.  Then decided to make myself one with some of the left over wool.  I take my bag of bits & bobs when we go out to places like Karate or Lils swimming lessons.  I hate not having something to do & this stops me from playing on my phone & racking up a huge bill because of the data that I use to play Hay Day - darn addictive time wasting, but oh so much fun game.  Originally I was making this for my sister, because my ferals, er kids decided that I should.  But I really like the colours so sorry sis this one's mine.   Maybe the next one will be yours.

Have a great week everyone & happy crafting

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Dawn Turley said...

what a great idea. I haven't crocheted for ages. I did some flowers for cards last year. The colours are great.