Friday, February 20, 2015

Some more Organizing hacks

Hi Lovelies,

Today I want to share with you how I store my Distress Ink Daubers.  It's nothing fancy but it works for me.

If you look closely at the last photo in the bottom right corner you can see my "Before" shot.  I've been using a Cotton reel rack (not sure of the correct name) to store my daubers for awhile now.  It worked well but because the daubers had a bigger hole (where your finger goes) they tended to wobble around on the prongs.  Which meant quite often I'd have to turn them all around to find the colour that I wanted.  Because I'm anal and label everything I found this time consuming & really annoying.  So today I came up with a "quick fix" which is cheap.  I went to my bathroom, grabbed these make-up pad removers, (These last me years as I very rarely wear make-up), some sticky tape & scissors.  I cut each pad into four, then I stuck them down with the tape (wrapping the tape around the prongs).  I think this took me about ten minutes to complete.  End result is the daubers sit better on the prongs & I can now see what the colours are.

Do you have any cheap & easy storage ideas?  I'd love to hear/see them.  I'm trying really hard to use up my stash of crafting supplies.  I want to empty out my craft room & start again.  I know this sounds silly, because I've only had my craft room set up for two months, but I had an area about four times the size I have now.  So I really need to get organised & sort out what I really need from the "Why the heck did I buy this?"  Lately I seem to be doing a bit each day of the re-organizing & luckily for me I can donate a lot of my excess/don't wants to the school.  As they can always use it.

Have a great day & happy crafting

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Dawn Turley said...

very innovative Paula. I must admit I tend to mix my colours at bit... anything red gets one dauber, greens another etc. Really should label them like you have!