Sunday, August 21, 2016

A creative week.

Hi Lovelies,

This last week I have had a very creative time.  I have managed to make use of my Scraps and some digital images that I had previously coloured.  I am trying very hard to not cut up or buy anything new.  I want to thin out my supplies some more. So I managed to put these cards together with bits from my pp "leftovers" stash.

These four cards I put together using images that I had previously coloured and not done anything with.  Which made for some quick cards.  I decided to do something a little different with the "Princess" card.  I was inspired by this challenge that was on Sisterhood of Snarky Stampers.  I was too busy to put it in as second entry.  Apparently being a mother means I actually have to do "Mum" things, Who knew right?

Lilly had a friend over earlier today for a playdate.  So last night I made cupcakes, the icing and the mixture for mini quiches.  So that all I had to do today was make this card, cook the quiches and ice the cupcakes.

Zoe hasn't been well lately so she wanted me to make Zoe a get well card.  Bill picked out the image chose the purple for the mermaid and the sentiment that she wanted.  So while I was making this card, "The Mongrel Bloody Dog" decided to eat all 24 mini quiches that I had cooling on the bench (they had just come straight out of the oven).  Pippa the poohead is very lucky to be alive now, as well as big girl.  Emsy was in the same room as the dog & didn't see her eat anything off the bench.  Grrrrr at least we got to eat the last 6 that where cooking while Pippa was banned from the house.  Kids & dogs who'd have 'em!  At least the playdate was a success.  We even saw Doug once, he's dying from "Man Flu" at the moment.  Although Amanda (Zoe's Mum) thought I sounded worse than Doug.  Apparently my cold has affected him way worse than me.

Have a great day & happy crafting.

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Dawn Turley said...

You have been busy... and just love the post... I can just imagine the goings on when you found the dog had eaten the quiche. And of course the "Man Flu" is 10 times as bad as when we have a cold.